Mobile-Responsive Emails: The Key to Email Marketing Success

As our mobile phones become more intrinsically a part of our everyday lives, the need for mobile optimisation of websites and the like is ever more critical. This extends to email.

Market research shows that more than half of all emails received are now opened on mobile devices. This impact mobile has had on how we use email can’t be understated. Emails must as a consequence of this be optimised to be mobile-responsive, so that emails will be: opened on mobile; so that emails look appealing when opened on a mobile device; and so that business owners and marketers understand the repercussions of not optimising their emails for mobile use.

Part of successful email marketing entails knowing your audience and how they use their mobile devices to access email. People commonly check emails in bed, in the bathroom, on public transport, and in front of the TV, as well as traditionally at their desk. Most of these interactions with email take place on a mobile device. Mobile email opens have increased almost five-fold since 2011.

The only time when not optimising email for mobile is acceptable is when it does not translate as a sensible solution for your brand or audience (if your mobile audience is limited or you don’t have the resources to implement its use).

How do I Optimise emails for Mobile?

  • Primary content on a single column
  • Big headlines
  • Large text fonts
  • Thin layout
  • Large images
  • Easy-access tappable buttons
  • Scrolling to continue reading
  • Short and concise copy
  • Clear call to action

Responsive email design incorporates simple layout, adjustment to spacing, resizing, specified mobile email content, and allows for the finger to behave as a mouse. Content is scaled to fit a mobile screen, whether it is small, medium, or large in size.

Things to Avoid:

  • Too many links
  • Difficulty accessing links via easy touch
  • Too much content

Poorly designed email for mobile use is detrimental to brand perception; with many users choosing to delete, view on desktop, or to even unsubscribe.

ClickSend is your premium local email marketing partner. We are here to facilitate mobile email optimisation across an array of mobile devices and to provide ongoing support to our client partners. Mobile users should be considered as a priority when designing email marketing strategies and we are here to help you make that happen.

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