Let’s not sugar coat it, you hate text message spam. And so do we. The average American hates it too — 76% of American adults have been irritated or frustrated by unsolicited text messages

As a business, it’s important to understand and follow the rules. If you don’t, hefty fines and penalties could come your way – not to mention costly damage to your reputation. Because, you want to have loyal customers and brand trust, right?


So, how do you cook up a successful text messaging campaign? 

In this article, we’ll give you all the ingredients to help you to make sure your messages aren’t spam. 

Think of it like your SMS compliance recipe — without any ham in a can. 

In this article you’ll find:

  • What’s a spam text message?
  • an overview of general Spam rules 
  • 200+ spam trigger words to avoid 

Just so you know, we can’t give legal advice: This blog contains general information. The contents of this blog do not constitute legal advice, are not intended to be legal advice, and should not be relied on as such. It’s important to seek your own legal advice about text messaging rules and regulations.

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What’s a spam text message?

Spam is unsolicited electronic marketing communication. 

Spam can be sent via email, chat apps or text messaging. In this article, we’ll focus on SMS spam. 

Defining text messaging spam

SMS spam is an unsolicited marketing text message. Basically, it’s a message you didn’t ask for or consent to receiving that advertises goods or services.

An SMS won’t be considered spam if it is an appointment or payment reminder, is about a service used by the customer or doesn’t contain an advertisement. These are considered transactional messages, see the difference between transactional and marketing SMS. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between spam and a scam – learn more about scams here.

Why businesses need to understand spam laws

If your business is sending marketing text messages to customers, understanding the spam laws is very important. And, could save you big-time. 

It’s not all doom and gloom – SMS compliance isn’t hard, and we can help. Read on to find out how to send compliant messages.

Spam rules and tips

If you’re ready to create an SMS campaign, here is some information to help you stay compliant.

The rules 

  • Check the regulations for different countries
    Each country has different legislation and policies for spam so you should always check what applies in the countries you are sending from and to. 
  • Get consent 
    Before you send text messages to your audience, you must get their consent, and although this can be express or implied in some places, we recommend you aim to get express consent and keep records of customer consent. Learn about SMS opt-ins: what you need to know about messaging and consent.

    You can also ask your SMS provider for help. Our support team is online 24/7 and are always happy to answer questions. 
  • Make yourself known
    It’s best practice (and in most places it’s a legal requirement) to make yourself known when sending marketing SMS to customers.  

    This could be as simple as including your business name in the actual text message or by using an eligible alpha tag that literally spells out your business name so that you’re instantly recognisable. 
  • Allow for people to opt-out 
    If you’re planning on sending marketing or promotional messages, you must give customers an opportunity to opt-out without any fee. 

    Your message should include instructions on how to unsubscribe. A common way to do this is to add ‘reply STOP to opt-out’ to your marketing messages. Once someone asks to opt-out, you must take them off your contact list or you can risk penalties. 

At ClickSend, we give our customers a helping hand by managing opt-outs for marketing messages for free. It’s just one way we help you to stay compliant. 


  • Avoid pre-checked boxes
    If you’re offering an opt-in form on your website, make sure the customer has to physically check the consent box to opt in. We call this an active opt in. 
  • Limit special characters 
    Special characters are symbols like $$$, *** or !!!!. 

    Try to limit your use of these characters, just like all caps these characters can create urgency or FOMO. If you do want to use special characters, that’s ok — just limit it to one at a time.
  • Send varied, personalised messages 
    Many spam messages are repetitive, you’ll often get the same message over and over again. So, it makes sense that sending the same message to the same group of people can trigger spam filters. 

    You can combat this by personalising messages with customer names and other customer information. 

250+ common SMS spam words

Keep these words in mind when writing your texts. They may only trigger spam filters when used in certain situations. 

Discounts and offers

  1. Free access
  2. Free consultation
  3. Free gift 
  4. Free hosting
  5. Free info
  6. Free investment
  7. Free membership
  8. Free money
  9. Free preview
  10. Free quote
  11. Free trial
  12. Free $$$
  13. Best price
  14. Save up to
  15. Billions
  16. Cash
  17. Big buck
  18. Cheap
  19. Cash bonus
  20. $$$
  21. Pure profit
  22. Save big money

Urgency and call to action

  1. Click here
  2. Buy now
  3. Guaranteed
  4. Must-have
  5. Limited quantity
  6. Act fast
  7. Quick
  8. Now or never
  9. Act immediately
  10. Save now
  11. One-time offer
  12. Time-limited
  13. Take action
  14. This won’t last
  15. Urgent
  16. What are you waiting for?
  17. While supplies last
  18. Once in a lifetime
  19. One time
  20. Act now
  21. Apply now
  22. Call now
  23. Get it now
  24. Do it today
  25. Limited time
  26. Don’t delete
  27. 4U
  28. You have been selected
  29. Get in touch now

Financial opportunities

  1. Instant cash
  2. Make money
  3. Earn
  4. Extra income
  5. Work from home
  6. Financial freedom
  7. Make thousands
  8. Additional income
  9. Be your own boss
  10. Consolidate debt
  11. Double your cash
  12. Refinance home
  13. Double your income
  14. Earn extra cash
  15. Earn money
  16. Extra cash
  17. Eliminate bad credit
  18. Expect to earn
  19. Fast cash 
  20. Full refund
  21. Get out of debt
  22. Get paid
  23. Make money
  24. Million dollars
  25. Pennies a day

Lotteries and prizes

  1. Lottery
  2. Jackpot
  3. Cash prize
  4. Win big
  5. Win

Scarcity and Urgency

  1. Hurry
  2. Only a few left
  3. Act quickly
  4. Limited availability
  5. Don’t miss out
  6. Almost gone
  7. While supplies last
  8. Time-sensitive
  9. Running out
  10. Quick response
  11. Fast-selling
  12. Popular demand
  13. Exclusive stock
  14. Act immediately
  15. Immediate delivery
  16. Almost sold out
  17. First come, first served

Savings and Value

  1. Mega savings
  2. Unbelievable savings
  3. Best value ever
  4. Tremendous value
  5. Massive discount
  6. Unmatched value
  7. Tremendous savings
  8. Unbelievable value
  9. Insane savings
  10. Huge value
  11. Unmatched savings
  12. Tremendous discount
  13. Amazing value

Exclusivity and VIP

  1.  VIP access
  2. Exclusive VIP offer
  3. Members-only
  4. Elite access
  5. Exclusive membership
  6. Invitation-only
  7. Premium offer
  8. Limited VIP slots
  9. Exclusive privileges

Building trust

  1. Trusted
  2. Reliable
  3. Authentic
  4. Proven
  5. Verified
  6. Certified
  7. Guaranteed quality
  8. Reputable
  9. Industry-leading
  10. Endorsed
  11. Accredited

Tricky wording 

  1. No catch
  2. No cost
  3. No credit check
  4. No fees
  5. No gimmick
  6. No hidden fees
  7. No interest
  8. No investment
  9. No obligation
  10. No purchase necessary
  11. No questions asked
  12. No strings attached
  13. Not junk
  14. This isn’t junk
  15. Not spam
  16. This isn’t spam
  17. See for yourself
  18. We hate spam
  19. Cancel any time
  20. No BS

General spam words

  1. Top
  2. Increase sales
  3. Increase traffic
  4. Sample
  5. Avoid bankruptcy
  6. Become a member
  7. Click below
  8. Click here
  9. Information you requested
  10. Important information regarding
  11. Auto email remover
  12. Please read
  13. Bulk email
  14. Direct email
  15. Check or money order
  16. Congratulations
  17. Confidentiality
  18. Dear friend
  19. Buy direct
  20. Direct marketing
  21. Internet marketing
  22. Multi-level marketing
  23. Meet singles
  24. Mass email / SMS
  25. Obligation
  26. Passwords
  27. Requires initial investment
  28. Social security number
  29. Undisclosed
  30. Unsecured credit
  31. Unsolicited
  32. Unsecured debt
  33. Accept credit cards
  34. All new
  35. Ad
  36. As seen on
  37. Beneficiary
  38. Billing
  39. Cards accepted
  40. Credit card offers
  41. Claims
  42. Debt
  43. Compare rates
  44. In accordance with laws
  45. Loans
  46. Luxury
  47. Marketing Solution
  48. Online marketing
  49. Mortgage rates
  50. Name brand
  51. Message contains
  52. Opt-in
  53. Pre-approved
  54. Quote
  55. Removal
  56. Reserves the right
  57. Score
  58. Search engine
  59. Sent in compliance
  60. Subject to…
  61. Terms and conditions
  62. Trial
  63. Warranty
  64. Web traffic
  65. Work from home
  66. XXX


  1. Removes wrinkles
  2. Reverse aging
  3. You will not believe your eyes
  4. Bargain
  5. Guaranteed
  6. Miracle
  7. Risk-free
  8. Instant
  9. Cures
  10. Certified
  11. Fantastic
  12. $$$
  13. Cure baldness
  14. #1
  15. 100% more
  16. 100% free
  17. 100% satisfied
  18. Incredible deal
  19. Promise
  20. Satisfaction guaranteed
  21. Exclusive deal
  22. Winning
  23. You are a winner
  24. Lifetime
  25. Lose weight
  26. Weight loss
  27. Valium
  28. Viagra
  29. Vicodin
  30. Human growth hormone
  31. Xanax
  32. Reinvent yourself
  33. Unlimited
  34. Join millions

Deep dive into spam regulations

You can find out more about rules, regulations and compliance at the legal section of our website. Happy and safe sending.