Sense Massage Therapy offers wellness services such as on-site chair massages, yoga classes, and mindfulness sessions to boost employee well-being and productivity. They have over 500 certified and experienced therapists that work with companies across the UK. 
They’re on a mission to revolutionise workplace wellness by making it as accessible and convenient as possible. And they need the best communications tools to back up their business model.

Moving from email to SMS

Sense Massage Therapy used to send emails to alert therapists about work opportunities. Which often led to slow response times, taking hours or even days. 

“With the introduction of SMS, we can instantly notify multiple therapists in a particular area about new work opportunities, and the turnaround time for responses has been reduced to mere minutes, if not seconds. 

This efficiency has enabled us to consistently surpass our clients’ expectations.”

From the beginning, SMS was hooked up to their booking system. This means that text alerts are populated with essential details such as location, timing, and any special requirements for upcoming sessions. 

With this admin task handled by SMS, the team is free to focus on delivering a great experience to clients. 

SMS, but make it better: switching to ClickSend

Sense Massage Therapy were getting a huge benefit from text messaging — but they weren’t happy with their provider. So, they went shopping for SMS software. 

They were looking for a more robust, reliable and cheaper solution. The competitive pricing of ClickSend caught their eye first. 

And it was the quality of support and seamless migration process that won them over in the end.

“The most significant benefit we’ve experienced since switching to ClickSend has undoubtedly been the combination of cost-effectiveness and exceptional customer service. The ClickSend team’s accessibility, knowledge, and quick response times made the experience smooth and trouble-free.”

During the switch, the Sense Massage was particularly impressed with our one-on-one attention during the transition. 

The ability to directly communicate with our team members made their migration to ClickSend reassuring and fast. “It was the  level of personalised attention that made all the difference and made an already smooth process even more seamless,” Sense Massage shared.

Still delivering results for Sense Massage Therapy

Since the team switched to ClickSend, they’re still getting big benefits from SMS. 

“Our biggest learning about using SMS has been realising its incredible efficiency for immediate and targeted communication. While email often sits unread or gets buried in an inbox, SMS commands immediate attention. 

This is especially important for us when we need to quickly alert our therapists about new work opportunities. In addition to improving our internal communications with therapists, SMS has also proved invaluable for urgent customer interactions. If there’s a last-minute change or important update, we can send an SMS to ensure the message is seen immediately. 

It’s taught us that in the right contexts, SMS can be a game-changer for business communications.”Sense Massage Therapy

The future is bright with ClickSend

As Sense Massage continues to lead the way in workplace wellness, we’re proud to support them with reliable SMS software that empowers better communication.  

And even though we don’t do it for the accolades, we love it when customers are genuinely impressed with the service and support they receive from us. The switch to ClickSend has saved Sense Massage Therapy time and money so they continue to grow their business. 

As said by the team at Sense Massage Therapy, “we’re genuinely impressed with the service and support we’ve received from ClickSend. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Not happy with your SMS provider? We’d love to chat to you about our rates and how we can support your migration to ClickSend. Contact us and we’ll be with you every step of the way.