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Fax and the NBN – Are You Prepared?

One question many business owners are asking is, “will my traditional fax work with NBN?” The answer is, maybe not. And this is why it’s important to implement fax online now. By doing so, you'll protect your business from interruptions.

nbn crow flying away with a fax machine

NBN and Fax – are they Compatible?

Among the biggest challenges encountered when moving to the NBN (national broadband network) is its compatibility with analogue devices, and this includes traditional fax.

Services that are fax-based rely on legacy copper technology; this transmits fax messages via the traditional telephone exchange.

The NBN, on the other hand, is a digital network that communicates over IP devices. As such, upon the transition to NBN, the traditional telephone exchange will ultimately become redundant. So too will your traditional fax, as all digital communications are transmitted over the NBN network.

Most businesses will be required to move onto the NBN in order to support a landline phone or an internet service.

NBN crow flying away from online fax

Why You Need Online Fax

The NBN is capable of supporting some fax usage on some phone services using the analogue telephone adaptor. Due to the nature of how voice and fax calls are transmitted online, however, some fax machines will not operate reliably using the analogue telephone adaptor. Only your service provider can tell you whether or not they are providing necessary services for fax over the NBN – and whether they will work for you.

Rather than worry about whether your fax will continue to work – and how long for – moving your business communications to an online fax service is a wise option.

  • Less waste, time and money; a good online fax service should guarantee delivery, or not make you pay for the document, and you are utilising a communication channel with very little wastage. No fax machine issues; no paper, no cartridges. Just documents delivered promptly and securely.
  • Greater security; a good online fax service will have a robust cloud infrastructure housed in secure data centres, designed to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive customers. The infrastructure should be designed to provide enhanced security & privacy to keep the most sensitive documents protected.

By migrating your fax online promptly, you will avoid any possible disruption to your business communications. Some of the key features you should be looking for in an online fax service:

  • Online fax portal; send faxes from any device to individuals or at scale with a super simple, highly secure online portal.
  • Email to fax; turn any email from a client into a fax with a fully customisable email to fax service.
  • Fax API; integrate fax capability into your business applications, websites and software.
  • PDF to Fax; attach a PDF and send via email to fax, or upload and send via an online fax portal, and get it automatically converted and sent as a standard fax.
  • Free inbound faxes, forever; you get this with ClickSend 😉

ClickSend offers the ideal solution to this issue – with our ClickSend Fax Gateway, you can send and receive fax messages online from any computer or device that is web-enabled. You can also seamlessly integrate and send email fax – saving time, money, paper, and other resources. We eliminate the need for fixed-line connections and traditional fax machines, not only enabling you to get rid of that clunky old machine but to also mitigate the issues that arise for fax as a result of the implementation of NBN.