6 SMS Messages you should send your Customers

Using SMS marketing for your business can enhance the experience your customers have with your brand and add value to your business overall. When your customers have a positive brand experience, they will become lead generators for your business, and through their word-of-mouth, you will attract new clients.

There is a variety of types of SMS marketing messages that you should be sending your customers to get the most out of this medium. They include:


Tipsoffering helpful hints and tips is an important part of customer service. Tips may include information relating to hours of operation, sales, appointment availability, product tips, and hints related to your niche.


Appointment Remindersmissed appointments are a huge liability for any business. Appointment reminders are crucial for preventing no-shows and confirming appointments quickly and easily.


Special Offersthe vast majority of people who use coupons redeem their offers. Offers boost your business as everyone wants to receive what they believe is a “good deal”. Send out high value offers often enough to please your customers, but not so often that they become stale.


Contestsrun a “text to win” contest by selecting a shortcode with contest keywords to win something from your business. Select winner at random and reward new sign-ups.


Surveysrun a survey or a poll – people love to give their opinion! These can help you assess and decide on new products, business direction, or to quite simply engage and interact with your customer base.


Operational Informationif you are running any kind of event, SMS is going to be your best friend. These include charity fundraisers, community events you are part of, or any other kind of special event. You can also use SMS to benefit you and your clients in the daily operations of your business – notification of sales, the introduction of new team members, opening in a new location, changes to opening hours, or any other information your customers need to know.

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