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Strategies for Customer Acquisition Part One

Customer acquisition is a key to running a successful marketing campaign – without opt-in consumers who are willing to receive your marketing messages and material, all of your efforts will be for naught. So it follows that you need to have a streamlined and detailed plan to build your base of subscribers.

Whether you opt to use SMS marketing, email marketing, or direct mail marketing, you need to have clear, consistent, and compelling marketing material to share with your subscribers in order to promote your product or service.

Your marketing material needs to:

  • Clearly explain what you offer and why target consumers should be interested in your product or service
  • Show how your brand and business is unique
  • Compel consumers to subscribe
  • Offer some kind of added incentive for opting in

Messages need to be balanced and concise, and in the case of email and direct mail marketing, you need to provide a captivating content ratio of text to image. With too much text, consumer interest will quickly wane in most cases. Yet don’t forget text is valuable both for communicating effectively and also for SEO purposes.

It’s helpful to remember that for optimal customer acquisition, and conversion of consumer prospects into paying customers, you need to showcase your brand and what you do quickly, succinctly, and in a way that is highly engaging. All content must be tailored to your target market.

Once you identify who your target audience is, you need to focus on how best to win their attention – and this is how your marketing campaign strategy will deliver you results at the point of sale.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll look more in depth into strategies for customer acquisition and how to make them work for you.

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