Current Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch: Part One

SMS marketing is becoming more and more popular amongst business owners, particularly small and medium business owners, and it represents the most effective direct marketing method. More than 97% of all text messages are opened, and as an opt-in form of marketing, the vast majority of loyal customers are willing to receive periodical text messages from their approved businesses.

SMS marketing is the least invasive form of marketing. How so? Every single message sent must be only after express consent has been given by the consumer to do so.

As such a fast-growing form of marketing, SMS methods are becoming ever more innovative in order to be effective and to stand out amongst the competition. At ClickSend, we are positioned as an industry leader to help you design and execute extremely powerful and successful SMS campaigns.

Some of the emergent trends to watch and adopt in order to create a fantastic mobile marketing strategy include:

Primary SMS Marketing

SMS is emerging as the primary marketing mode for business success. From SMS coupons to QR codes and geo-location benefits, integrative marketing is benefiting consumers and consumers are responding in kind. The majority of consumers find mobile marketing to be effective and suitable for them, and are more than willing to opt into a mobile marketing campaign from their favoured brands.

Mobile Budget Growth

Between 2014 and 2015, mobile data traffic increased by 77% thanks to emerging markets (Source:, and this growth will have been exponential since then. Widespread mobile phone use has opened up unprecedented opportunities for businesses to reach their consumer base and mobile is frequently the first link in the chain to driving consumers to brand websites and online stores. Mobile advertising budgets are growing, and with innumerable new apps and greater competition, business owners can’t afford to be left behind. There really is no easier way to reach an audience than via SMS.

Mobile SEO

Smartphone users average three hours per day on their mobile, between reading and sending text messages, using social media, and searching online. Search engine capacity is being tweaked by Google and other search engines in order to benefit mobile users. As such, it’s imperative that your brand website be mobile optimised and that mobile web SEO be supported…


We’ll continue this article in our next blog post – stay tuned for more mobile marketing trends to watch!

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