SMS Alerts for Instant Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is your number one goal in growing your business – engaged consumers are aware of you, and not only will they think of you when they have a need or desire that you can fill, they will more than likely refer others on to your business if they have developed brand loyalty to your business. But how do you trigger fast consumer engagement, anytime and anywhere?

SMS marketing is the simple answer to instantly engage customers.

There are so many brands and businesses vying for the attention of consumers, and consumers have a very short attention span in this digitally-powered world. SMS text messaging is proving to be amongst the most powerful channels for reaching a mass audience of consumers; it allows you as a business owner to convey clear and concise information in a fast and effective way.

Market research demonstrates that the average email response time is ninety minutes from delivery; the average response time for test messages is just ninety seconds post-delivery. This is much more desirable for both vendor and consumer.

How can you use SMS to its fullest advantage for engaging your customer base?

  • Set up automated SMS messages to acknowledge consumer engagement and transactions in a timely manner
  • Reward customer loyalty each and every time via SMS acknowledgement and incentives
  • Send out automated text alerts to communicate real-time; these alerts should be time sensitive and offer positive value to consumers by including a clear call to action
  • Send SMS content that is relevant to each and every recipient. Only those brands and businesses that send SMS that is relevant to an individual recipient will be valued and taken seriously by that recipient. This is where creating SMS lists is imperative.

By using relevant content to engage with consumers in a meaningful way, you will gain their trust and promote loyalty, as well as retaining their attention.

By partnering with ClickSend, you can embed SMS alerts into your customer relationship management (CRM); sending bulk text messages, receiving instant feedback, creating strategies for optimal consumer engagement, and triggering automated text messaging. Contact us today to make our premium global business communications gateway work for you.