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For any business, whether physical or online, communication is vital. Both communications with customers and between employees are critical components to a business’s success.

Quick, efficient, and clear communication can put even small businesses ahead of their competitors. There are many tools now that can assist small businesses. For example, VoIP phone systems for small businesses allow small businesses to accept customer calls without an expensive phone bill.

Technology and software have been completely changing the business landscape and provided businesses both big and small with viable and effective solutions to their problems. Communication is important but for many businesses, it’s inefficient and time-consuming to deal with transcribing voice calls or keeping minutes of a meeting. Here too technology can provide a solution; Voice Intelligence.

Voice Intelligence brings the power of AI to communications – boosting both productivity and efficiency.

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What Is Voice Intelligence?

Voice Intelligence brings the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to every phone call in a business. It can be applied to internal calls between employees and calls with customers. A business can use Voice Intelligence for optimizing a call center, getting customer insights, improving a product, and increasing productivity.

Voice Intelligence utilizes AI tools like machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and real-time speech recognition to analyze calls, voicemails, and digital conversations (such as conference calls or video meetings). Let us explain exactly how Voice Intelligence utilizes these tools.

AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning is software that can learn or teach itself. This means that the Voice Intelligence system is always improving. As more data such as voice calls and voicemails are inputted into the Voice Intelligence system, the system learns more and gets better at processing the data. So as time goes on, the Voice Intelligence system becomes more accurate, improves at conversation processing, and overall becomes more nuanced.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is software that allows a computer to “understand” natural, human conversations. NLP allows Voice Intelligence to more accurately process business conversations in real-time. NLP also allows Voice Intelligence to produce easy-to-read transcriptions of conversations that are accurate and capture subtleties of language, making it easier to comprehend.

Speech Recognition

Voice recognition allows distinct speakers to be identified by Voice Intelligence tools. Having the ability to identify different, distinct speakers means that different speakers can be identified in a conversation and their dialogue can be more accurately transcribed.

What Can Voice Intelligence Do?

Voice Intelligence utilizes the tools discussed above to help businesses. How? A Voice Intelligence system helps a business by producing transcriptions, providing real-time assistance, and keeping records automatically.

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Recording customer calls and employee meetings can be helpful but transcribing those calls or meetings is very time-consuming or needs a separate employee to do. Transcribing can take away a lot of resources from a business. Voice Intelligence provides automatic transcription. Voice Intelligence can even transcribe a conversation as it is happening in real-time.

With automatic transcription sales agents or customer service agents can fully focus on the conversation and have their conversation transcribed when the conversation is over, or transcribed live. This saves business time and manpower as well as providing a better customer experience since agents can give their full attention to the customer.

After a conversation with a customer or potential sale is over, an agent can then go back through the conversation, using the transcription, and identify key points, find important quotes, and take notes.

Internal meetings can also be transcribed by Voice Intelligence tools. Using the top video conferencing software, businesses can now easily have remote meetings online. Voice Intelligence can keep the minutes of the meeting meaning a business can check which employees agreed to do what tasks, important dates that are coming up, and other important information gathered from the meeting.

Voice Intelligence also allows the transcript from a call to be easily searched for any information. This is really time-saving compared to re-listening through the entire call. The transcript will also have fewer errors. Humans can get distracted while manually transcribing a voice conversation (maybe by a noise or by a work colleague) and may miss an important point. It also takes a really, really long time.

AI, however, cannot get distracted and so is able to produce a more accurate transcription.

Voice Intelligence also makes things more accessible to employees with disabilities. Because transcription happens in real-time it makes it more accessible to employees who have hearing disabilities.

Real-Time Assistance

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When it comes to making a sale or keeping a customer, customer service and customer communications are a make or break point for all businesses. That is why sales agents and customer service agents need all the help and assistance they need and Voice Intelligence can provide that support.

If an agent is unsure about how to respond to a customer, Voice Intelligence can assist in real-time and give live coaching. Voice Intelligence analyzes a conversation as it is happening and can identify customer questions, moods, or complaints. Voice Intelligence can then provide assistance to the customer service or sales agent.

Voice Intelligence can detect if a customer is talking about a particular product and can then pull up relevant information about that product for the agent. If a customer is experiencing a known issue, Voice Intelligence can provide agents with instructions for fixing that issue.

The Voice Intelligence live coaching tool can assist an agent with conversation tips as the conversation is happening. The live coaching feature can give tips like telling an agent to slow down if they’re talking too fast, or letting an agent know that they keep interrupting the customer.

This real-time assistance helps agents provide customers with a high-quality customer experience which can lead to more sales and better customer retention.

Record Keeping

Manually keeping records of calls and conversations can be time and money-consuming. Keeping these records must also be compliant with local laws and regulations. Voice Intelligence automates this record keeping. Voice Intelligence keeps records of every call and message including the transcripts, notes, and minutes. This makes it easy to save, search, and share a record.

Voice Intelligence can also automatically keep your recordings and transcripts in line with local guidelines and laws. If you need information from a call that happened weeks ago, you can easily search your history, find the call, get the transcripts, and quickly find the information you need. Having records that are automatically kept, quick to access, easy to get information from means that you can be more productive and efficient.

How to Use Voice Intelligence

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Voice Intelligence can be used to improve customer communications and customer service, internal communications, and business functionality. Just like RPA (robotic process automation), Voice Intelligence automates many tasks which saves a businesses time and resources.

Live Transcription

Voice Intelligence can show a transcript of the full conversation in real-time. This allows sales assistants and customer service agents to scan over the full conversation while still in a call as well as return to any points in the conversation they may have missed.

Note Down Important Details

It can be difficult and distracting for employees to take notes while in a conversation but it can also be hard to remember important details if no notes are taken. Voice Intelligence tools can help employees take notes on important details.

For example, employees can go through a transcript and highlight important details in a conversation or mark and save clips for later. In addition, employees could also create task lists while still in the conversation. The Voice Intelligence system detects tasks automatically, adds them to a to-do list, and provides the list at the end.

Post-Call Summaries

Voice Intelligence can combine the output of the above features and generate a call summary. This allows employees to review the conversation and identify important key points and lessons.

Better Supervision

Using Voice Intelligence, managers and supervisors can monitor call transcripts as a call is happening. This allows managers and supervisors to identify if they need to intervene or assist an employee who may be on a sales or service call. All of these tools can be used to review calls, check the outcome of those calls, and identify possible improvements.


Tools like interactive voice response and online phone software allow customers to call businesses directly. Voice Intelligence enables businesses to record and capture calls and learn from them. It uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help a business by assisting with sales, freeing up sales assistants’ time, and giving sales assistants and customer service agents real-time customer insight. This allows a business to provide better customer service.

The insights and data that Voice intelligence systems give a business can also help a business to identify product flaws and improve the product while keeping up to date with customer trends and needs. Voice intelligence can also be used internally on employee conference calls allowing employees to focus on and contribute better to the meeting instead of taking notes.

Voice Intelligence stands as a low-cost but highly effective tool for improving productivity and operations in a business.

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