Forgetting is a part of life, especially when we have other things on our minds. But what happens when poor time management begins to affect businesses?

Laundromats or self-service laundries operate in shared spaces. They are especially vulnerable to long wait times due to people forgetting about their cycle.

Tangerpay is a payment solution for laundromats that needed a way to notify customers that their washing or drying cycle was done.

Sending a reminder via SMS is effortless, practical and convenient. Could it be the perfect fit for Tangerpay and its laundromat clients?

Read on to find out how Tangerpay uses ClickSend to send reminders. And we’ll share some insight into their results.

Who is Tangerpay?

Tangerpay realised that almost no one carries cash anymore. So, they’re helping laundries go cashless worldwide.

By offering seamless and cost-effective plug-and-play payment solutions, anyone that uses a laundromat with a Tangerpay system can pay via their card.

Washing machines and dryers, old or new, can be transformed into smart machines that accept cashless payments.

Customers simply scan a QR code on the machine with their mobile phones. They select a washer or dryer and then pay via tap pay or PayPal.

Or customers can use the smart kiosk if they prefer to pay with their physical card.

You’ll find Tangerpay’s payment system in student housing, caravan parks, Airbnbs, retail laundromats, hotels, motels, mining camps and guest houses.

Tangerpay problem solved

What’s the problem?

In a laundromat, customers will generally put a load on and duck out to do other stuff, and that’s understandable, but a lot forget and leave the full machine sitting idle for what can be up to hours.

This means other people can’t use the machine, annoying them and potentially losing business for the laundromat – an idle machine isn’t making money.

For most customers, it’s an honest mistake, they don’t want their washed clothes, or personalised towels, sitting in a washing machine drum for longer than the cycle. But we’re all busy and reminders help.

Therefore, Tangerpay were looking for a smart way to notify customers their washing cycle had finished – and a way that was effective and efficient.

Can we help?

We have all been guilty of setting our cycle, walking away and forgetting, but the one thing we never forget is our mobile phones.

What better way to remind customers of their cycle than to send an SMS reminder to avoid the set-and-forget syndrome?

So Tangerpay got to work and searched for the best ways to do that, and then they found us…

The solution to their problem was just behind a quick Google search.

The IT experts over at Tangerpay quickly set up their account using the documentation available on our website. After a quick setup by the Tangerpay IT team, they started to send automated SMS reminders around the globe.

Yes, we can…

After using our platform, 1 in 3 laundry room users has opted to receive an SMS reminder when their cycle is complete.

With an open rate for SMS is 98% and a 90-second response rate, Tangerpay and their clients are confident that customers are reading notifications quickly. And most importantly, picking up their clean washing ASAP.

Wrap up

Overall, Tangerpay is making customers’ and business owners’ lives easier with their smart system and the combination of SMS.

No more bust-ups in laundry rooms.

Are you looking for the same solutions as Tangerpay for your business?

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