Online Post: did you know that, with ClickSend, you can send letters electronically?

Sure, we know that the quickest, most effective way to get a message to all of your contacts is via SMS – with 98% open rates and unrivaled time to set up and send, you can’t go wrong with text messaging. However, sometimes there are some circumstances in which traditional, physical letters are the preferred method of communicating or for sending important documents.

We understand that physically printing and sending snail mail requires a lot of time and energy, especially when sending in bulk. Print your letters, put them in an envelope, stamp them, seal them, and then off to the post office? Not to mention ordering stationery, changing toners, and printer diagnostics… there has to be a better way.

And there is!

The ClickSend virtual printer and online post solution cuts out all the repetitive work in sending letters – allowing you to dramatically improve your processes and get your important document/s out to your customers and clients much more quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Online Post: The New Normal

Online Post - From Desk to Cloud Printer to Postbox

With the seismic shift in how we work and live due to a global pandemic, more services automating typically offline tasks are becoming readily available online.

There are numerous ways to send letters now – and the best method will depend on their contents/purpose, your recipient, your time constraints, cost considerations, and other factors.

Sending physical letters remains extremely important, and oftentimes there are situations where having digital copies of documents just won’t do. Even with businesses that are primarily online stand to make huge increases in revenue by sending physical documents – check out how Gemtracks experienced massive growth by sending physical documents (powered by ClickSend Post of course ?).

Manually generating and sending out letters can be complex and time-consuming. This becomes even more complicated when you need to send out bulk mailings, and especially when these must be personalised and precise.

What if physical, paper mail was as simple to send as email?

Online post solutions enable you to send physical letters and postcards without having to go to the post office or handle envelopes and stamps yourself. You don’t even need to print your letter or documents yourself!

ClickSend provides an all-inclusive gateway that allows you to send real, physical postal mail from your computer, over the internet.

You can send your letter electronically to ClickSend in multiple ways.

  • ClickSend Dashboard; create your letter or drag-and-drop within the ClickSend dashboard and just click send.
  • Email to post; email your letter/s in Word or PDF and they’ll be printed and posted.
  • Print to post driver; download the free ClickSend print to post driver (for Mac and Windows) and make ClickSend one of your printer options.
  • Post API; ClickSend offers a powerful and flexible set of APIs that enable you to add the bulk letter and postcard printing capabilities to your existing applications.

How are Companies Automating Letter Sending?

With a modern online post gateway, you can accurately and reliably send and track bulk mail to hundreds of thousands of recipients and remove redundant processes and opportunities for human error to occur.

These are just some of the ways actual ClickSend customers are using ClickSend Online Post.

  • Thank You letters; a simple letter saying Thank You for your recent purchase and/or interaction with a company. Most of these we find are automated via integration with business’s eCom/shopping cart platforms.
  • Financial documentation; whether letters of financing agreements or loan arrangements, we have a lot of companies using ClickSend Online Post for the sending of ‘hard copy’ financial documents.
  • Address verification; ClickSend has a fairly well known social media company ? using Online Post to send letters for address and 2FA.
  • Review request; we have a lot of eCommerce customers that periodically send letters to their customers asking if they wouldn’t mind doing an online review via their preferred review platform. They’re generally incentivised with a generous offer on their next purchase.

Automated online post also allows for unparalleled:

  • Segmentation
  • Optimisation
  • Cost-efficient resource-allocation (human, printing, postage)
  • Mailing accuracy
  • Development of strategic workflows
  • Logistics management

Automating letter sending with online post removes the need for you to manually handle documents, make guesses about layouts, manage printer communications, overpay on printing costs and equipment upkeep.

Online Post Automation with Robot

With automated online post you can:

  • Simplify your workflows and automate pre-defined processes
  • Reduce costs and free-up resources
  • Manage direct mail from a centralised digital command hub
  • Store information in databases that directly connect to automated systems
  • Create software integrations
  • Generate automated trigger-based mailings
  • Track and optimise delivery and outcomes
  • Enhance letter security

Companies and brands are benefiting from sending automated direct mail electronically in a variety of ways. This can be applied, for example, to regular or recurring statements and invoice mail-outs. These can be automated and integrated into a vast array of existing business solutions. You can also retain customers and maximise their satisfaction by sending beautiful, custom postcards intelligently through virtual custom postcard printing and delivery gateways.

Online Post Solutions with ClickSend

ClickSend is an industry leader and we provide you with a seamless way to send letters online. Our smart solutions incorporate a virtual printer to send physical mail as easily as email – providing you with fast, secure letter printing and document sending.

Our gold-standard online post service delivers comprehensive solutions to send letters electronically, as well as custom postcards to suit your business and brand. We offer three options to fit your mail sending needs: send docs ad hoc via our online dashboard, automate sending via the Post API or use our Print to Post driver so you can send documents to our printers from your preferred word processor.

Online Post via the Dashboard

Send postcards and letters from any web-enabled computer. Simply add your contacts then drag and drop your letter or postcard file into our web-based dashboard and click send. No download required!

Online Post API

Add bulk postcard and letter printing capability to your existing applications, and automate letter sending through your current platform. You will be able to easily and reliably reach your clients and customers from your existing technical infrastructure with a compatible application programming interface.

You can even make letters super personalised using our integration with Hyperise via Zapier.

Print-to-Post Driver

Download our print-to-post driver for your word processing software to communicate directly with our cloud-based printer. By clicking “Print” on any document on your computer, it will be automatically sent to ClickSend for printing, folding, enveloping, stamping, and mailing anywhere worldwide. Compliant with both PC and Mac and works with most operating systems.

Send Letters Online with ClickSend

Let ClickSend become your virtual mailroom! We have the expertise, experience, and insight to understand and meet your unique needs as a business and brand. Our 24/7 system is efficient, astringently quality-controlled, and cost-effective. Our processes are also totally automated, from printing through enveloping, stamping, and dispatch. With no volume minimums, custom integration, and bulk post marketing, we have everything you need.

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