Our latest integration may not be a direct integration, it’s via the always amazing Zapier, but it’s one of our favourites here at ClickSend HQ as it involves our Online Mail product.

When marketing is done right, we get excited. We love seeing B2B marketers get creative with new ways to engage leads with tailored solutions to their potential clients. We understand that this can be tricky to do at scale especially when incorporating imagery, that’s why we’re so pumped to introduce you to our latest integration with our friends at Hyperise.

hyperise dashboard

So what is Hyperise?

Hyperise is all about hyper-personalisation of communications and marketing with minimum fuss. Within the Hyperise dashboard, you can personalise website text, images, and CTAs for each visitor without writing a single line of code. You can even hyper-personalise offline comms like postcards. And imagine using a fully automated online mail product to get those postcards out there?

  • Personalise your website’s text, images and CTAs
  • Add personalised images into your emails
  • Have your bots respond with personalised images
  • Embed personalised images into videos
  • Add personalised images to your LinkedIn outreach
  • Personalised postcards linked to personalised websites
  • 1-2-1 Personalised remarketing Ads

This video says it better than us, have a look.

Having sent over 12 million emails, Becky Halls – cofounder of Hyperise – learned a thing or two about email optimisation. The most noticeable of which, was how important personalisation is for getting emails to be opened, read, and engaged with. Use customer names and get noticed – personalising email subject lines is shown to boost open rates by 50%. Furthermore, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalised.

Not only have clients become accustomed to personalised communications, but their attention span is also diminishing. As such, you cannot afford to be sending the same generic message to all customers. This is where Hyperise comes in. When creating dynamic images, there are some key elements for personalisation you can use, including:

  • Text: for the client’s first name, business name or any other text field
  • Logo: this pulls in the prospects’ company logo
  • Profile: pull in your client’s profile image to really capture their attention
  • Map: show your clients maps relative to where they are located
  • Website: shows a screenshot of the clients’ business’ website
  • App: shows a screenshot of the clients’ mobile app

We love that the elements are drag and drop and can easily be resized within the canvas. Check out how easy it is to create your first personalised image with this video.

Get ahead of your competition by communicating with your customers as if it were a one-on-one conversation. It’s simpler than it seems!

Anyway, let’s talk about how ClickSend integrates with Hyperise.

Hyperise + ClickSend = Personalised Online to Direct Mail

Hyperise offers Direct Mail as a use case providing the sending of personalised postcards and letters via their software. ClickSend’s online post product will automate the printing and sending of these personalised postcards and letters and we’re pretty excited about it.


So imagine someone completes a purchase on your website and in a few days they receive in the post a lovely personalised Thank You postcard, perhaps with a bespoke offer for their next purchase. Well, imagine no more as that can be done without you going anywhere near a printer, postcard or post office.

postcard printing

Stand out and be seen with postcards, no matter which industry you’re in. We think our automated postcard feature within our online post product is pretty cool – at the click of a button anywhere in the world (or triggered event via our API or Zapier), our world-class printers will print and deliver postcards to all corners of the globe.

And we’re are pretty jazzed to integrate with Hyperise adding instant, bespoke postcard personalisation – automatically!

In order to do this you will need to:

  • Create an image in Hyperise for front and back of the postcard. Remember the artwork dimensions should be 210 x 148mm (8.3 x 5.8”).
  • Connect your customer data system – whether it’s Google Sheets/MS Excel or a more sophisticated CRM like Salesforce – to ClickSend. This will allow you to trigger a postcard to be printed whenever a new contact is added.
  • Include the URLs to the front and back images created in Hyperise when prompted for the PDF file URL.

They have a fantastic, intuitive drag and drop editor to design your postcards with, which also has an in-built QR code generator so you can really track offline to online.

Hyperise postcard design dashboard

There are several reasons or ‘use cases’, to send an automated postcard via online post but one of the most popular is a Thank You postcard after an action happens on your website. It could be a form completion, it could be a purchase. Postcards are very well received and are generally always read. They add a really nice, creative tactile touch to your marketing.

Check out the detailed instructions here – for even better results they’ve added in optional step 2 to create a personalised web page that can be sent as a postcard via online post.


So imagine someone signs up to use your software and in a few days they receive a lovely personalised Welcome letter from you in the mail. Well, imagine no more as that can be done without you going anywhere near an envelope or a stamp.

letter printing

Arguably cooler than our automated postcard service is our automatic letter sending feature via our online post product. When you click print, the document is printed, folded, stuffed into an envelope (postage paid), and dropped into a carton for dispatch. All that saved time and effort, and it can even cost less than a postage stamp.

Now, this is where it gets even better; integrate Hyperise with ClickSend to add personalised placeholders throughout any section of your document and have it populate data automatically.

Setting up your personalised automated online post mail can be done in the following steps:

  1. Create your letter template in Hyperise
    The team has made it really easy by creating a preset letter templates so you can select this template and fill it with your personalised content, knowing that your dimensions are correct.
  2. Connect your apps via Zapier
    Choose what action you want to trigger letter printing; here are a few popular examples:
    – new invoice raised in Xero
    – new booking placed in Acuity Scheduling
    – new lead added to Salesforce
    – new line added to Google SheetsLink that software with ClickSend and choose your trigger and action. Then when choosing ClickSend letter service, choose the file you created in Hyperise.

For more detailed instructions watch this video or check out this guide, but bear in mind you now don’t need to convert the file as Hyperise now supports PDF!

If you enjoyed this article, you’re going to have fun with Hyperise. Check out more examples here or get started with your free trial now.