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With ClickSend Online Post you can forget about all this:

  • Printing and printer upkeep
  • A cupboard full of copier paper and envelopes
  • A franking machine or a book of stamps
  • Regular visits to the post office

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Which leads us nicely into our case study brought to you by Jesse from Gemtracks, read on about how ClickSend Post brought real results for his business.

When Jesse Neo, a singer-songwriter-producer from Sydney, touched down in Los Angeles he had intended to work as a songwriter. He quickly noticed to his surprise that there was more chatter about music tech than the actual music being produced within the industry. Armed with a computer science degree, he set out to improve the way instrumental beats are traded online. Thus Gemtracks was born.

For many years, technology has allowed independent artists to distribute their music around the world, without being backed by a million-dollar record deal. Gemtracks helps to further break down these barriers to music creation and distribution. It allows musicians to offer their services to other musicians on a sharing economy platform. For example, songwriters can buy instrumental beats from top beatmakers, singers can pitch their songs to top influencers/curators, music producers can get exclusive rates at music studios, etc. And unlike other marketplaces, they only sell items once – that is, the ownership is transferred to the buyer and they have sole legal ownership of the copyrighted material.

Seeking to grow his business, Jesse consulted with a marketing agency. One of the biggest pieces of advice the marketing agency gave him was to send physical copies of their Transfer of Copyright documentation.

This posed a unique challenge for Jesse’s digital platform – sending offline mail.

“The problem was I didn’t want to make printing letters and sending them at the post office a daily routine, especially with the pandemic going on. So, I searched online for someone else that could provide this service.

Several companies came up but many didn’t offer API integrations, prices were too high, or they didn’t offer the support I needed. In general, their vibes didn’t click with me.

But ClickSend was different. I was greeted with a virtual agent that vividly explained to me what I could and not do. The API documentation was neatly laid out, and best of all, I was given free credit to test their service. After the first day, I knew ClickSend was the company for us.”

Now whenever a customer purchases a track, Gemtracks will automatically generate a PDF of the Transfer of Copyright Agreement and send it to ClickSend for printing and delivering via API. It is 100% automatic and works seamlessly – with zero interference in daily operations.

Gemtracks and ClickSend Post - PDF is generated, printed and mailed automatically

As it turned out, sending physical copies of copyright ownership had a massive impact on sales…

“As soon as the letter was received by a customer, we were astounded when they posted it onto their social account. The marketing gurus were right!

I guess with a physical letter, the customer now has bragging rights and something to be proud about – which means free promotion for us! This is particularly true in an age where snail mail has become a novelty.”

The physical copies of copyright ownership also reinforced to customers that the music is not kept by Gemtracks to be sold over and over, engendering trust with the brand. Customers would then choose to use Gemtracks to produce their next album and repeat sales went through the roof.

These repeat sales resulted in a snowball effect and huge growth for Gemtracks, who reported profit growth of over 200% since signing up with ClickSend.

“I should have used ClickSend from the very beginning!
My team is currently redesigning the entire Gemtracks website and system, and SMS will be used to verify customers’ phones and protect their accounts.

And of course, I hope I can find more reasons to send out letters. Maybe birthday postcards. The possibilities are endless, and I know ClickSend will play an important role in it.”

Are you ready for incredible growth in your business?

You can get started with ClickSend Online Post in just a few clicks and be sending letters in a matter of minutes. Join Gemtracks and hundreds of other savvy businesses by signing up for a free trial now.