Many marketers send texts to customers purely to drive conversions. While text messaging is perfect for that, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Keeping customers engaged helps to ensure that they become repeat purchasers. Or better – advocates of your brand. So nurture your customers throughout all stages of the buying lifecycle, especially after they buy, to boost your sales and revenue.

And we have just the format for your post-purchase marketing strategy: SMS📱

(We know you saw that coming.)

Keep your customers coming back for more

Attracting new customers can be difficult and expensive. And while you have to do it – a level churn will always happen – why not get the most out of the customers who already know your brand?

According to the stats, an existing customer is 60-70% likely to repurchase, while a new prospect is statistically only 5-20% likely to convert. Which means that even a small percentage increase in customer retention can become a huge multiplier for revenue… and profit 💥

Word-of-mouth is also incredibly powerful – happy, engaged clients may be worth far more to your business than you could predict.

So how do you create happy customers? An outstanding, personalised buying experience is how. That’s why nailing your purchase and post-purchase marketing is so important.

First things first. What’s post-purchase marketing?

Post-purchase marketing refers to the messages you send to clients and customers after they have completed a purchase, booking, or other activity with your business. It involves customer service as well as cutting through the “noise” from all of the other brands and businesses out there vying for their attention.

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Post-purchase marketing includes sending:

  • Order confirmations
  • Payment confirmations
  • Shipping and delivery alerts and notifications
  • Thank-you messages
  • Review invitations
  • Loyalty incentives
  • Periodic relevant promotional and editorial content based on past purchases/actions
  • High-value ongoing content

The success of your marketing post-purchase relies heavily on customer experience.

So why use SMS for post-purchase marketing?

Marketers can use all sorts of tools to get and keep customers. Digital advertising, email, social media and user-generated referrals are all useful. But none can rival post-purchase SMS in reach and engagement.

Why? SMS is:

  • highly deliverable, with near-perfect open rates
  • unobtrusive, making it preferable for busy customers
  • fast – helping to solve complaints quickly and keep customers happy

And happy customers are more likely to remember your brand and become loyal purchasers.

Build customer loyalty with post-purchase marketing via text message

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Set up the following messages as part of your post-purchase messaging strategy.

SMS order confirmations

When customers place an order, it’s pretty standard to receive an order confirmation pretty much instantly. In fact, the absence of a confirmation nowadays can have buyers wondering whether the sale went through. Give your customers that peace of mind – that you have received their order and what steps are next. How? With a simple text message.

💡Find out more about automating your text messages.

And from a branding point of view – a simple “thank you” for making a purchase is important. It shows that you see your customer, and appreciate their support. It also reassures them of your authenticity as a business.

Shipping and delivery alerts

One of the more common questions eCommerce businesses get asked is when orders will arrive. Cut down on these support tickets by proactively answering the question before it’s asked. Keep customers in the loop when the item is packed, dispatched and when the delivery is expected.

Feedback. Reviews. User generated content.

Another way that shows your customers you care about them is via requests for feedback. Use text messaging to reach out to your customers to:

  • seek feedback on products or services
  • request reviews on directories or social media
  • encourage buyers to share pictures of them using your product on social media

There’s nothing better than having customers share their positive word of mouth.

Cross-selling messages

You have an idea of the products your customers like, based off their buying patterns. So why not take that data to suggest other similar or complementary products to your customers? Use a helpful tone to show the customers that you care about what they are interested in – eg. ‘you bought X, so we thought you might like Y’.

You can automate your cross-selling messages by grouping your customers based on purchases and sending targeted campaigns to boost sales. For example, if someone buys a mobile phone, you could send messages about chargers, phone cases, SD cards and other accessories for that specific model. Or if your customer bought a camp stove, send them promotional material about sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, cookware, hiking gear, etc.

VIP and loyalty programs

Give your most valuable customers some additional love with invitations to exclusive events, VIP offers, limited edition product ranges, and time-sensitive rewards. Set your criteria and drive ongoing purchases with loyalty offers and discounts. All via the humble text message.

Nurture programs

Add value to your product and help your customer get the best out of their purchase. Send product tips, instructions, helpful blog posts, etc. Or set up regular reminders to reorder, reschedule or renew products/services.

Acquire, retain and delight your customers with SMS

You don’t put in all the hard work of acquiring new customers only to lose them after their first purchase. Continue the conversation and provide ongoing value, so that you remain top of mind for your customers.

Set up your post purchase marketing messages today – sign up now.