Easily and quickly send SMS notifications, reminders, alerts, invitations – anything directly from Google Sheets™

Following on from our recent Mail with ClickSend and SMS Reminders From Google Calendar apps launched in Google’s Marketplace we’ve moved swiftly on to focusing on Google’s amazing free online spreadsheet editor Sheets, with our equally amazing SMS product.

Introducing ClickSend SMS For Google Sheets

Send SMS to up to 1000 contacts at a time through Google Sheets

ClickSend’s rapid, reliable bulk text messaging can now easily be used within any Google Sheet document. So if you have a list of up to 1,000 contact numbers within a spreadsheet you can draft a text message and have it sent to those contacts within minutes – without leaving the spreadsheet.

You can send any type of message for any type of use case, here are just a few.

  • quickly alert or notify a contact list of an emergency situation
  • bulk send invites and reminders to reduce no-shows for events or meetings
  • create a quick, time sensitive promotional offer and track effectiveness

You can also receive replies and have two-way conversations and with the incredible 98% open rate of text messaging you know your messages are being seen and read.

Here are just a few of the cool features you can access using ClickSend SMS For Google Sheets.

  • Send bulk SMS as easy as sending one
  • Use up to 1,000 phone numbers per time
  • Can send from shared, dedicated, personal numbers or a business name (alpha tag)
  • Can send SMS immediately or schedule
  • Has character count on the message so you’re in total control of message size
  • Monitor outbound and inbound messages within ClickSend dashboard history

ClickSend is also GDPR compliant and uses Tier 1 direct routes with a 100% Uptime SLA guarantee. So you know your valuable business text messages are getting delivered.

Okay, if you’re a mad Google Sheet user (and good on you, we are) and want to get ClickSend SMS set up just watch the videos below and get sending. 💪

How Do I Install ClickSend SMS For Google Sheets?

You need to have a Google account, but if you’re using Google Calendar or Gmail, etc you will definitely have one of them.

Find ClickSend SMS for Sheets in the workspace.google.com/marketplace by searching ClickSend in the search bar at the top and you’ll see ClickSend SMS – Sheets.

Or go directly to the listing via this link: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/clicksend_sms_sheets/814244325676

Here is a video of the whole process including setting up a ClickSend account.

And that’s it you can now start sending bulk SMS from within Google Sheets. So how do we do that? 🤔 Well, we have a video for that as well…..

How to Send SMS from Google Sheets with ClickSend SMS

Once installed, you can easily send text messages to your contacts in a few simple steps.

So there you go, you can now send text messages to 1 or 1,000 contacts within any Google Sheet spreadsheet.

Our SMS product is hugely popular around the world and we’re excited to have it now available within Google Sheets……and there will be more to follow. 😉

Try it out today

Install ClickSend SMS for Google Sheets and start enjoying the huge benefits of the humble text message.

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