Do you use Google Calendar to schedule appointments, meetings, anniversaries, etc? Well, now you can dramatically reduce no-shows, and be less forgetful, with automated SMS reminders.

We recently launched our Mail with ClickSend add-on in Google’s Marketplace allowing you to easily have any letter created in Google Docs printed and in the post in a few clicks. It’s been going great guns so we thought we’d unleash our world-class SMS product into the Marketplace and we’d start with Google Calendar.

Introducing ClickSend SMS Reminders For Google Calendar Add-On

Global SMS reminders showing a mobile handset with an appointment reminder text message and two responses

ClickSend’s rapid, reliable text messaging can now easily be integrated into your Google Calendar with the ClickSend SMS add-on.

ClickSend SMS is a Google Calendar add-on that enables you to easily schedule text message reminders for any appointments made within Google Calendar. They could be for customers or staff for any type of appointment, meeting, or reservation and you can schedule any amount of reminders on any event.

You can also receive replies and have two-way conversations. No more manual reminding and with the incredible 98% open rate that you get with text messaging, you WILL dramatically reduce no-shows!

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How Do I Install ClickSend SMS Reminders For Google Calendar?

You need to have a Google account, but if you’re using Calendar or Gmail, etc you will definitely have one of them.

There are a couple of key ways to install ClickSend SMS Reminders For Google Calendar, one via the marketplace and one while you’re in Google Calendar (or any Google Cloud App).

Via the Workspace Marketplace

From search ClickSend in the search bar at the top (it’s the fastest way) and you’ll see Mail with ClickSend and Global SMS Reminders. I won’t tell you which one to click.

Or go direct to

  1. Click the Install button
  2. Click Continue
  3. Choose the Google account you want the app to be installed against
  4. Allow the app to access your Google Calendar
  5. And that’s it! Next time you open Google Calendar you’ll see a ClickSend logo over to the right.

Here’s a screenshot walkthrough from the Marketplace homepage.

Install ClickSend SMS reminders from Google Calendar screenshot of Google marketplace

Via Google Calendar

Just click the + icon in the side panel on the right of your Calendar and search for ClickSend in the Marketplace pop-up and it’s the same install procedure as above. Too easy.

Just like this.

Screenshot showing how to install SMS reminders from Google Calendar within Calendar

And that’s it you can now start setting up SMS reminders against any event, task, or reminder you create within Google Calendar. So how do we do that? 🤔

How Do I Set Up SMS Reminders?

Once installed, you can easily set up SMS reminders in a few simple steps. Don’t believe how easy it is? Here’s a video:

Here are just a few of the cool features you can access using ClickSend SMS with Google Calendar.

  • Automatically fetches phone numbers in the title and description of the event.
  • You can set default values to use for every reminder, which is editable too.
  • Can send from shared, dedicated, own phone number or alphanumeric sender ID.
  • Can use 2 placeholders: %date% and %time%.
  • There’s a check icon – a confirmation and SMS reminder have been set for the event. Then an SMS will be sent when the trigger time takes place.

ClickSend is also GDPR compliant and uses Tier 1 direct routes with a 100% Uptime SLA guarantee. So you know your valuable SMS reminders are getting delivered.

So there you go, you can now have automated SMS reminders scheduled against any event, task, or reminder that you create in Google Calendar.

Our SMS product is hugely popular around the world and we’re excited to have it now available within Google’s Workspace Marketplace for Google Calendar… and there will be more to follow. 😉

Try it out today, install ClickSend SMS for Google Calendar and start reducing no-shows immediately.