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And using our fully online print and mail postcard solution, you don’t need to leave your browser. Simply upload your template, add your contacts and click send. Your postcard will be printed and mailed directly to their physical mail box.

No postcard template? We have that covered too.

Read on to find free templates that you can download, add your message and send.

Free Holiday Postcard Templates

Get your free, downloadable holiday-themed postcard templates here, and then read on for steps to upload your holiday postcards for mailing (including how to add your company name so contacts know it came from you).

Traditional Holiday Postcard Templates

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Red Merry Christmas postcard template image

Download it here: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year Postcard

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays postcard template image with Santa cartoon face

Download it here: Happy Holidays Postcard

2021 Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2021 Postcard template image

Download it here: Happy New Year Postcard

Fun Holiday Postcard Templates

Six Feet Apart

Social distancing Christmas postcard template image with cartoon Santa and elf, candy cane and holly

Download it here: 6 Feet Apart Postcard


Congrats cheeky New Year postcard template image

Download it here: Congrats NewYear Postcard

Naughty (but Nice!) Holiday Postcard Templates

2020 Review

Cheeky postcard template image with fictional 1 star review of the year 2020

Download it here: 2020 in Review Postcard

Ho Ho Holy…

Cheeky holiday postcard template with text 'ho ho holy sh*t what a year' and Santa cartoon image

Download it here: Ho Ho Ho… Postcard

How to Edit Our Postcard Templates

Choose your preferred holiday postcard from the downloadable templates above, then open the template.

Each template will include a front design and a back design. The front side of the postcard is where the main postcard image is to be printed, while the back has space for a message. While we have pre-filled this message for you, you will need to edit it else your recipients receive a postcard from ‘[Company name]’… oops.

Feel free to add a more custom message to suit your business if you like. However, the right side of the template is left blank for us to print your recipient’s address.

Once you’re happy with the message on your template, remember to save it! Now you’re ready to send.

GIF showing how to edit the postcard template
Editing the postcard template – in this example the default program is Preview but it works on PC too

How to Send Business Postcards

Here’s a quick crash course on how to get your holiday postcards from your computer to their postbox in a few clicks.

You can send postcards in bulk in our easy to use dashboard, but first you need:

  • Your postcard design
  • Your contact list (including addresses)
    If you’re unsure how to upload contacts, our superstar sales exec Ash created a video here.

Once you have your postcard design and your contact list is uploaded, sending postcards is quick and easy in the ClickSend dashboard. In seconds you can have your postcard campaign uploaded and sent to our cloud printers for printing and mailing.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the ClickSend dashboard
  2. In the left hand menu, click Post and from the options that appear click Postcards.
  3. In the ‘To’ field, find your contact list.
  4. In the from field, find your return address (or you may need to add new address by clicking the button to the right and filling in the address fields).
  5. Upload your postcard PDF – click the Browse button and find the file.
  6. Once the file has uploaded click Send Now.

Now that your postcards have been sent, we receive them at our cloud printer. Your designs get printed with each recipient’s address and mailed. On their way to delighting your customers these holidays.

Ready to try it for yourself? Sign up today and start sending.

And from the ClickSend Team, a very merry Christmas to our valued customers, subscribers and partners. Cheers to the new year 🥂