Business postcards – do you use them to promote your brand?

With all the modern ways of marketing that are available (SMS, email, social media, search and display, remarketing, etc), is there any value in traditional marketing methods?

We say YES! And so do a load of our customers 😎

When you’re considering new ways to speak to your audience, sending a printed postcard within the mail may not be the first thing that pops into your head. Sadly, a lot of what may be considered old school marketing tactics are not top of mind.

While people are spending more and more time online, they still have a deep, lasting relationship with physical mail. In fact, over 80% of consumers take time to browse through their mail (and we’re not talking the junk variety), which provides you with the chance to get your brand in front of them – but make it personal and make it distinctive.

Your customers, like you and me, get bombarded by emails and other targeted, (predominantly digital) marketing from everyone, including your competitors. With postcards, you’ll add an extra, creative, private touch to your marketing by giving people something tactile, something they can hold on to (and then put on the fridge ?).

Many forms of generic direct mail, like brochures or catalogues, go straight from the letterbox to the recycling bin, deemed junk mail. And then a lot of personalised mail we get is still bills or credit card statements….

You can really capture your recipient’s attention and delight them with personalised direct mail by sending custom postcards for business marketing; it’s a hugely effective way to engage with your target audience. Business postcards have an important ongoing role in the modern marketing arena and deliver huge opportunities for your brand message to be read. You can put a modern twist on a classic marketing channel. Think of it as email for mailboxes and we’re talking good email, not spam. ?

So what we’re saying is….

There are many instances to use business postcards:

  • Validate physical addresses
  • Promote offers
  • Test advertising campaigns
  • Deliver transactional messages
  • Say hello or thank you
  • …and much more.

What are business postcards?

Postcards are an appealing and economical way to reach out to existing and potential customers and clients. This form of direct mail marketing is affordable and targeted. From advertising sales to upcoming events, or broadcasting what’s new and exciting at your business, business postcards can be used as letterbox materials as well as package inserts and handouts.

Types of business postcards include:

  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Birthday postcards
  • Appointment reminders
  • Local events
  • Political campaigns
  • Real estate postcards
  • Announce a new website launch

Custom postcards elicit at least 3.7% greater response rates than digital marketing channels BUT use them alongside your other marketing channels for even greater response rates. They say most people need to hear a brand’s message at least 7 times before they make up their mind about buying, postcards give you a unique way to be one of those 7.

7 reasons to send business postcards

  1. Affordability
    Even for small business and sole traders, printing postcards online is a cost-efficient way to get your business seen. They are simple to create, require no envelope, and no excessive human effort to prepare or deliver when you automate them through dashboard or our post API.
  2. Versatility
    Broadcast your business presence, seek new clients, solicit repeat business, and generate leads simply by landing in your target audience’s physical letterbox.
  3. Deliverability
    Unlike digital marketing forms, direct mail marketing in the form of postcards is guaranteed to land in the letterbox from which it must be physically retrieved. No spam filters to contend with!
  4. Brand Identity
    Cement your branding with your custom postcards; use this highly visual medium to show off your creativity and reiterate your brand identity.
  5. Instant Results
    This form of marketing is easy to redeem and postcards are unobtrusive – they can be carried in a pocket, a small handbag or wallet, or even pinned to a corkboard or stuck onto the refrigerator.
  6. Get Real Results
    Never again send a marketing campaign without trackable results. Use a special discount offer on your postcard, for which you provide an ordering code, which enables you to measure the tangible results of your marketing campaign.
  7. Beat Your Competitors
    Postcards are one of the most underrated marketing methods. Not only will you gain a competitive edge when you send business postcards; your competitors won’t know you’re doing it!

Automated online postcard print and mail

Print postcards online using our automated custom postcard printing service. Have your marketing or transactional postcards printed and mailed at the click of a button with our postcard printing service.

That’s right, in the click of a button your custom postcard design can be printed and addressed, cut to size, stamped and dispatched; without you having to leave your desk (or the kitchen table, couch, bed, balcony… wherever you choose to set up your office!).

With an extremely fast turnaround, we will print your high-quality business postcards to look fantastic and get your business seen by the right people. Our Post API is easy to integrate into your software, systems, and processes.

Find out more about our custom postcard print and mail service here.