Yep, you heard that right we’re giving away free Easter Eggs in this blog post so read on and enjoy.

BTW we’re using this definition of an Easter Egg.

A hidden item placed in a movie, television show, or otherwise visual media for close watchers.

Originates from the 1975 movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” when the cast had an Easter Egg hunt but most of the eggs went unfound. They can be seen throughout the film in various locations (such as under Frank N. Furter’s throne).

Soz if you were expecting the chocolate kind, but these will provide you with as much joy and are 0 calories and yes, are gluten free and vegan friendly. 😉

Google Easter Eggs – Our Favourite Ten

Aside from the tasty chocolate eggs most of us enjoy eating at this time of year (springtime for some, autumn for others) ‘Easter Eggs’ have an entirely different meaning when they come from Google.

These types of Easter Eggs were traditionally an unexpected feature in games and movies, but then Google introduced them to Search. These secret goodies are usually discovered through word of mouth or entirely by accident.

We’ve listed our 10 favourites below and then a link to a great blog post that apparently lists all of them….well, you’ve got a few days off over Easter haven’t you?

Google in 1998

How to access this Easter Egg: Type [Google in 1998] into Google Search.

The Easter Egg: If you want to go back to simpler times and see what Google looked like way back when, search for “google in 1998” and sit back and enjoy the simplicity and its ad-free simplicity.

Google in 1998

Do A Barrel Roll

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [Do a barrel roll] into Google Search.

The Easter Egg: The whole SERP does a 360° roll just for you. Warning, doing it multiple times in a row can have a nauseous effect. 🥴

Do a barrel roll

Fidget Spinner

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [Fidget Spinner] into Google Search.

The Easter Egg: A fidget spinner appears where you can click Spin or use your mouse to hold-and-spin.

Bonus Egg: If you click the toggle in the top right to Number a numbered spinning wheel appears.

Fidget spinner

Conway’s Game Of Life

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [Conway’s Game of Life] into Google.

The Easter Egg: Look to the right and you will see an animation that demonstrates how the population multiplies and how all life began.

Conway's game of life


How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [askew] into Google.

The Easter Egg: The Google SERP ever so slightly tilts to the right, or to put it plainly it goes askew.


Blink HTML

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [blink html] into Google.

The Easter Egg: All instances of “Blink” and “HTML” in the SERPs blink as long as you’re on-page.

Blink html

I’m Feeling Curious

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [I’m feeling curious] into Google.

The Easter Egg: Google randomly throws up amazing facts – who knew a cow could run up to 20 mph! You can keep searching through more and more.

Fun fact: Type in Fun Fact and you’ll get a similar result.

I'm feeling curious

Google Pacman

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Type [Google Pacman] into Google.

The Easter Egg: A playable and highly addictive game of Pacman will appear in the search results. The soundtrack brings back so many memories…..

Google Pacman

Dinosaur Game (Offline Chrome Browser Only)

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Get rid of your internet connection and open your Chrome browser.

The Easter Egg: We’ve all seen the screen before with the dinosaur running across your screen above tips to help repair your internet connection. Well, use your space bar to make him jump over the bumps in the road.

What Does A Fart Sound Like

How to unwrap this Easter Egg: Say [Hey google, what does a fart sound like?] into Google Assistant.

The Easter Egg: Google will respond ‘This is a fart “PFFT” or “FRAAAP” or “POOT” etc. If you have kids about, this always gives them a laugh. Big kids also find it a lot of fun.

That’s our Google list but if you want some more, a lot more, then check out this great blog post which lists 79 Google Easter Eggs:

Jeep Easter Eggs

Jeep easter eggs

Jeep have been putting Easter Eggs in their cars since the 90s. The man who hatched the idea is Michael Santoro, hired in 1989 as a designer. Some of the interesting “easter eggs” users have found include a silhouette of a Jeep in the corner of the windshield, the Jeep grille, which can be found scattered throughout the car including in the light bulbs and various animals including lizards, snakes, apes and a small spider in the fuel tank.

Jeep owners finding their Easter Eggs is now a thing on TikTok, this YouTube video has 5 minutes of them discovering them. Warning, there’s some colourful language in the video, but they are Jeep owners (I own a Wrangler so I’m allowed to say that).

Brand Logo Easter Eggs (well, at least hidden meanings)

Fedex logo

You can see a brand logo a thousand times without noticing everything going on inside them. As it turns out, many logos have a double meaning that’s not always obvious at first glance.

Movie Easter Eggs

Pacman movie easter eggs

Easter Eggs have been appearing in movies since the early days of film. From subtle digs at political regimes or references to the filmmakers’ major influences, these hidden details can play a number of roles.

This video lists 10 of the greatest Easter Eggs in movies – and warning, some of the Easter Eggs may be featured in a gruesome scene.

Okay, we’re Easter Egged out. There are a lot more out there, especially in video games just Google them.

Everyone here at ClickSend hopes you can all take a bit of time off over Easter and get away from your desk, your laptop, your day job and enjoy the great outdoors (or indoors) and spend some time with those most dearest to you. We will be!

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