Want to level up your mobile marketing game?

We all know what a picture is worth. So let your pictures do the talking. Send MMS campaigns for the ease and immediacy of SMS, combined with the power of imagery.

And to ensure that your next campaign reaches it’s full potential, read on for tips to make sure that your MMS message is engaging.

In this post:

  • 5 tips for creating an engaging MMS campaign
  • 6 examples of how businesses are using MMS

But first, in case you’re not sold, a quick recap of why MMS is great for marketing.

So Why Use MMS Messaging For Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Sometimes when words won’t do, try a picture. On average, MMS has a 15% higher click-through-rate and 20% lower opt-out rate than SMS. And if you get creative, MMS content is 8 times more likely to be shared on social media or forwarded to friends and family. This means not only do you get strong results from your campaign, but also secondary benefit of a boost in social media and referral traffic. This is great for building a strong brand.

Send multimedia messages in your next mobile marketing campaign and unlock these benefits:

  • More visually captivating get your audience’s attention more quickly with imagery.
  • Tell a richer story access up-to 1600 characters in your MMS message (in case the 1000 words your picture gave was not quite enough!)
  • Better branding opportunities ensure all your communications include your brand identity; instead of sending a text-based message, use the MMS medium to showcase what your brand is all about!

Bulk MMS marketing messages are delivered directly to the recipient’s text messaging inbox. This enables it to elicit the same outstanding open rates as SMS; MMS read rates are as high as 97%, with 87% of messages opened within an hour of receipt.

Want to know more? Check out 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs MMS Marketing.

Here at ClickSend Towers, we’re invested in your MMS campaign. We want your campaign to have the best results possible. So here are some simple steps to create an engaging MMS message.

5 Tips for Creating an Engaging MMS Campaign

1. A Strong Subject Line

This will be bold and limited to 20 characters. It needs to be compelling and a strong call to action. Draw viewers in with anything that piques their curiosity or instills a sense of scarcity (resulting in FOMO fear of missing out).

For example:

  • Don’t Miss Out!
  • You’re Invited!
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free – or just FREE!
  • Win Now!
  • Exclusive Offer!

2. Compelling Content

Brevity is key. MMS marketing is immediate, and flashier than SMS, so no need to overdo it with excessive text.

  1. Make your offer time-sensitive to create a sense of urgency
  2. Offer a larger incentive than you would usually do for SMS
  3. Include a unique website link (helpful for measuring results)
  4. Include clear opt-out facility

3. Animated or Static Imagery?

It all depends on your creativity, message and resources; sourcing static images can be easier than creating animated images/GIFs but the latter can add an element of interactivity that static images do not offer.

When choosing your creative assets, ensure you check the size and dimensions. For static images, we support file sizes up to 250kB, while GIFs should be under 100kB. Find out more about supported imagery for MMS.

While we will resize your images automatically to fit, we recommend square images or as close to 1:1 ratio as possible.

4. Optimise!

Optimise your design so that it is not too large. You can reduce its overall size by:

  1. Saving the image as .jpg
  2. Reduce .jpg image quality from 100 to 60
  3. Reduce colour gradients in the image
  4. Reduce the number of animation frames per second (GIFs)
  5. Cut rather than fading
  6. Use vector illustrations
  7. Run the image through an online compression tool – we like TinyJPG.
Testing MMS on Multiple Handsets

5. Test

You should test your MMS before sending it out in bulk to your target audience. Send it to an Android device as well as an iOS device and check that the text content displays correctly and without spelling or grammatical errors; that the URL links correctly to the intended landing page or website; and that the multimedia creative displays correctly.

Overall, great MMS design incorporates Subject line, Multimedia, and Text body. Each element should work cohesively to captivate the viewer; you’ll need to create your MMS to comply with your brand identity – think fonts, colours, and message tone.

6 Ways to Use Bulk MMS

At ClickSend we’ve seen a lot of great mobile campaigns. Check out some of the ways people are using MMS in their marketing mix.

1. Animated Cards

Send out animated cards via MMS to observe, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas. These multimedia messages are enticing, memorable, and stand out from the crowd.

2. Promotions

Add colour to your mobile marketing promotions with imagery using MMS. For example, send weekly specials via bulk MMS, as image or video-based messages engage far larger audiences than text-based messages alone.

Spread Your Message with MMS

3. Competitions

Create MMS-based competitions in tandem with a virtual number. Have your subscribers text images to your business to win a prize; for example, photos of your customers using your product.

4. Instructional Videos

How-to and tips are always welcome, and a great thing to send out to customers when they are personalised in terms of being specific to purchases made. They are also valuable as they provide engaging content that is not pushy or focused on the hard sell.

5. News Broadcasts

Got exciting news to share with your customer base? Why not try MMS? For example, send an alert for a special campaign or deal, or deliver special announcements about your brand via bulk MMS for maximum open rates and simple calls to action. Include vibrant images or other media depicting the product on sale.

6. Reminders

Boost reordering and attendance rates by sending out reminders. These are more compelling and memorable when they are image or video-based, as opposed to purely text-based.

Choose ClickSend as Your MMS Partner

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