Transactional Email: 5 Messages Your Business Needs

Transactional Email: 5 Messages Your Business Needs

ClickSend offers a premium yet affordable transactional email service which enables your business to send automated emails to your customer base. These triggered emails are reliably sent out whenever your customers complete a specified action – enabling you to set-and-forget this important aspect of your customer service.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs MMS Marketing

Is MMS marketing part of your business strategy? You’re probably aware of SMS marketing, and you are likely using it now for your business. After all, SMS is the most effective channel for communication with your employees, suppliers, clients, and customers. But what about MMS marketing? How does it differ from SMS – and why should you be investing in it?

Making the Most of Back-to-School With Your SMS Gateway

It’s that time of year again! The party season is over and school is about to recommence, with university students returning to their studies in a few weeks. It’s a busy time of year for retailers who cater to these demographics. Have you got your last-minute SMS campaign sorted? Have you got the right SMS gateway set up?