Transactional Email: 5 Messages Your Business Needs

Transactional Email: 5 Messages Your Business Needs

ClickSend offers a premium yet affordable transactional email service which enables your business to send automated emails to your customer base. These triggered emails are reliably sent out whenever your customers complete a specified action – enabling you to set-and-forget this important aspect of your customer service.

Email and SMS Marketing – Why Branding Matters

Consumers tend to focus more on brands than the products themselves. Relevant branding is essential for any marketing campaign, including email marketing and SMS. When you extend branding to your email marketing campaign, your efforts pay off.

Email Marketing Personalisation: Relevant Statistics

Personalisation of emails is a very effective way to show your subscribers that you see them and appreciate them for who they are. Personalised emails work for your business’s bottom line too – they captivate and engage your subscribers to elicit loyalty and buying behaviour. If you need some further proof we list some great statistics as to why.

Email to SMS – A Quick Overview

Here at ClickSend, we offer a premium email to SMS service which enables you to transform your email to text quickly and easily. Our gateway is compatible with numerous platforms including but not limited to Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. With ClickSend’s email to SMS gateway, you and your business benefit enormously, and by converting your emails to SMS, you ensure they are being delivered, opened and seen by a majority of intended recipients.