Introducing our latest integration partner Auth0. With the new Auth0 x ClickSend integration, you can secure your login process with automated verification texts.

With or without coding! 💥

Why Multi-Factor Authentication is So Important

Websites and applications need to confirm that a user is who they say they are, in order to protect personal information and sensitive data. Password protection has become the default method of authentication online. Unfortunately, passwords are highly susceptible to being compromised. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is where multiple types of authentication are used to verify user identity. This allows you to create a more secure login process.

The simplest form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is 2-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA is where users are required to produce two factors of authentication in order to gain access to systems. Most frequently the first type of authentication is the use of a name and password. Automated 2FA text messages are a fantastic second factor for user authentication – read more about why SMS is great for 2FA.

Securing websites with 2FA via text message

Using a text message gateway and software that generates a single-use PIN or password, known as a One Time Password (OTP), you can add an extra layer of security to your login process.

So Who Are Auth0?

Auth0 is a world-leading platform for webmasters to integrate security features into their applications. Auth0 powers small business security through to enterprises including Pfizer, Mazda, MYOB, Electrolux, Sky.

Their product suite includes:

  • Authentication: add seamless MFA to applications and websites
  • Attack protection: protect against bot attacks or brute force attacks, detect malicious users (suspicious IPs, breached password detection)
  • Access management: for assigning access levels to application users (eg. read-only, admin, standard, etc)
  • User management and migration

And they play nice with integration partners, like your favourite SMS gateway 😉. Using the ClickSend and Auth0 integration you can set up your own customised login box with 2-Factor Authentication enabled.

How to Send One-Time Passwords Using Auth0

You can easily create an SMS 2FA page in the Auth0 dashboard using the following steps:

1. Create Your Account

Visit and enter your email, choose a password and you’re in! You have 22 days to test out the features within the Auth0 dashboard, no credit card is required.

Or if you already use Auth0, simply go to their ClickSend integration page and click ‘Add Integration’.

2. Find and Connect ClickSend

Once in the dashboard, you can install ClickSend from the Library (under the Actions menu item).

Enter your ClickSend credentials – you can generate an API key within your ClickSend account.

3. Create a Flow

Once connected to ClickSend, you can create a ‘Send Phone Message’ flow and drag and drop in the ClickSend block.

Click Apply to save this flow.

4. Enable Phone Message

Once you have created a flow, you can enable MFA by clicking Security then Multi-factor Auth in the left-side menu.

Find ‘Phone Message’ and click the arrow for more.

Choose Custom delivery provider and SMS for the delivery method (voice is coming soon!), then you can enter your message templates. The ‘Enrolment Template’ is for users who log in for the first time, while the ‘Verification Template’ is for those who are returning users.

Also: ensure that the One-time Password toggle is enabled, and scroll down to select ‘Require Multi-factor Auth’ and select Always.

5. Test Your MFA Workflow

Create a user in the User Management menu, then navigate back to ‘Getting Started’ and select ‘Try your Login box’. You should see your login page; once you enter the user and password created earlier, you should be taken to a page requiring further verification.

Choose SMS, enter your number and your automated 2FA SMS should arrive in minutes (just ensure that you have credit in your ClickSend account!).

For more detailed instructions, check out our Auth0 guide.

Get the Most out of Auth0 and ClickSend

  • Give your customers the best user experience by uploading your brand logo and colours, or fully customise your login page in HTML.
  • Create and send password updates and welcome emails within Auth0
  • Use smart signals to show your 2FA page to users that appear to be high risk with Adaptive MFA.
  • Allow users to log in with their existing Google account (or dozens of other accounts available) with Auth0 Single Sign On (SSO).

Protect your online users with the simple yet powerful Auth0 x ClickSend integration. Install in minutes and be secure in the knowledge that you are protecting your online users. Get started now.