Building your Opt-In SMS Marketing List

The easiest, most cost-effective way to market to large volumes of consumers is via opt-in SMS marketing or opt-in text messaging.

What is Opt-In SMS marketing?

marketing sms exampleOpt-in SMS marketing and opt-in text messaging are a permission-based activity your company, business or organisation undertakes. Interested consumers give their express permission for you to send them marketing material via SMS – without this permission, it is not lawful for you to send these messages to them. ?‍♂️

Building Opt-In Lists – Methods

There are two key ways to build opt-in lists. First and foremost, however, you need to know that you should NEVER purchase lists of mobile numbers and simply start texting the owners. This is spam and it is not legal in most countries.

Click-to-Join Widgets and Opt-In Forms

opt-in form example

Opt-In forms and Click-to-Join widgets must be on your website and social channels. And visible. Visitors should have every opportunity to opt-in to receive your marketing SMS messages. To drive sign up incentivise them “get a 20% off coupon code now” or “get 50% off your next purchase”. You will also find that SMS based coupons have a much higher redemption rate than email.

Opt-In forms and Click-to-Join widgets are only as effective as the number of visitors you have to your website or social media pages. If your business does not attract a significant volume of online traffic (you should really be looking at traffic driving strategies ?) then keywords and shortcodes can be a better way of SMS list building.

Although, we recommend using both. ?


sms shortcode advertising

Encourage potential customers to text a particular keyword to a shortcode number in order to opt-in; they will then receive an invitation via text to join your network or database of relevant contacts. Shortcodes are available from all service providers of bulk SMS.

  • Newsletters – from magazine adverts to email or print newsletters, include your shortcodes, text to join keywords, and QR codes for easy opt-ins.
  • Email – include details in your email signature advising email recipients of how they can quickly and easily opt-in to your text messaging service for SMS marketing.
  • Utilise signage, both on your website and also in-store, if you have a bricks-and-mortar business. Whenever you host a special event, a conference, a seminar, or you attend a trade show, invest in signage onsite alerting interested consumers to text a keyword, click a link on the website, or otherwise opt-in to receive updates, alerts, and information, as well as special subscriber-only offers and incentives.

How can you Ensure your Opt-In SMS is Successful?

There are some essential things to consider that will help you to ensure your opt-in SMS marketing has the greatest odds of being successful for your business.

What Need are you Fulfilling? Why are you communicating with your chosen groups of consumers via bulk SMS? How do you achieve this – and when do you send your messages? Boost your chances of engagement and results by offering tangible incentives for consumers who opt-in, and promote your SMS program as an exclusive option to allow consumers to gain the upper hand – and for you to gain a competitive edge.

  • Create a Catchy, Concise Call to Action. Compose your campaign text so that it is not only appealing but that your opt-in instructions are clear and easy to follow. For example, the simplest and most universally-effective opt-in call to action is:

Text {KEYWORD} to {SHORT CODE} to {purpose}

For example, “Text WIN to 64753 to go in our draw”

  • Integrate all of your marketing channels, including opt-in SMS marketing and database/list building. Include your opt-in call to action on your website landing pages, your social media, and your email signature.

Best Practices

When utilising opt-in text message marketing, you must always:

  • Identify yourself by mentioning your company name
  • Receive consent prior to sending any messages
  • Provide value proposition
  • Disclose your message
  • Choose an appropriate shortcode
  • Use brand-complimentary keywords
  • Make opt-out instructions simple and clear ?‍♂️
  • Provide assistance by having customers text HELP to your shortcode

Marketing SMS should always have an Opt-out function

More than 90% of people have their mobile phone at hand at all times. Text message and SMS marketing are the way of the future for fast, effective engagement and opt-in marketing. What are you waiting for?

ClickSend is a superior, Australian-based global platform and gateway for your business communications including opt-in SMS marketing and opt-in text messaging. Contact us to understand how we can help you.

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