SMS Messaging and Grey Routes: What you Need to Know

As a business or other organisation, you need to send out large volumes of SMS messages. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest service provider to achieve this, in order to stretch and make the absolute most of your budget. Yet this can be a very dicey practice, as there are numerous unreliable suppliers who can impact negatively on your communications and ultimately damage your business reputation. They may even break the law, committing what is known as bypass fraud.

What are Grey Routes?

Grey routes are a cheap and substandard method of sending messages that may be legal for one party, but is illegal for the other. Grey routes will generally send your SMS messages via another country. They do this without paying interconnect fees to an involved network, effectively breaking the law. This is the reason customers are charged such low fees – the networks delivering the messages are not being paid. The fees charged by the SMS service provider might sound almost too good to be true – this is because they are.

Grey routes work to confuse involved networks by bouncing messages between various networks between their origin and their destination – the customer’s phone. Networks as a result can’t identify where the message originated. Many messages sent never reach their final destination at all – wasting time and money for the business sending the SMS.

Bulk messaging via grey routes can commonly stress a point on the route beyond its capabilities. This results in message loss and stalling, and it impacts not just the users of the grey route but also legitimate network users.

SMS networks are committed to shutting down grey routes. Any person or business found to be using grey routes can have their messages blocked, their messages failing to arrive or arriving a protracted period after being sent, and prices increasing.

As a business owner, you expect your messages to be delivered instantaneously. Yet with convoluted and unreliable grey routes, there is no way to know when your messages will be delivered – or even if they will be delivered at all.

The only way to be certain that your messages are delivered properly and on time is to use a legitimate, reputable, “white” route. Play it safe – choose a reliable, legal, and legitimate premium SMS partner like ClickSend for fast and effective delivery of all your text messages. We also handle and integrate email and direct mail for your marketing purposes should you wish. Contact us today.

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