More than just marketing – use text messages to alert customers whenever an order update is made or updated, for upcoming appointment reminders, 2-factor authentication and more. Read on for everything about SMS notifications and why your online store needs them.

What are SMS notifications?

They are text messages which your business sends in response to an event or action. These notifications are clear, concise, are sent only to existing subscribers, and they cut through the noise to comply with the short attention span of most modern consumers.

Text Message Notifications – The Basics

Business SMS is a quick and easy way to cut through the noise of other communication channels, including email (which can be overrun with spam) and overcrowded social messaging channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • SMS deliverability rate is near 100%
  • SMS open rate is a massive 98%
  • SMS marketing clickthrough rates average 35%

Click-throughs from your SMS marketing efforts also generate higher conversion rates than for other channels. You don’t need an internet connection to send or receive SMS notifications. SMS is reliable and enables future opportunities for SMS marketing.

When you adopt text messaging for marketing and bulk SMS, you need to be sure to understand and strike the perfect balance between sending too many messages and too few.

Why Use SMS Notifications for eCommerce

1. Superior Open and Click-through Rates

You are guaranteed delivery to your intended recipient when you send a text message! Text messages get opened and they can’t be sent to a spam folder.

2. Use SMS to Save Time

Promote products and services easily and quickly with a text message. You can automate marketing SMS to save yourself and your employees time, effort, and operational costs. This includes automated opt-ins, opt-outs, welcome messages, birthday messages, and seasonal offers.

3. Affordability of SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are more affordable than other channels and they help you to advertise directly to your target audience without requiring expensive promotional campaigns.

4. Reach

The world population in 2021 is more than 7.8 billion. There are almost 8 billion mobile devices worldwide. This is why SMS has the greatest potential in terms of reach over every other method of communication globally.

5. Ability to Personalise Messages

A message delivered directly to your customer’s mobile phone supports replies and drives loyalty. This helps you to build a tangible relationship between your business and customers.

6. Easy Segmentation

Communicate directly with your target audience by creating an unlimited number of groups within your subscriber database to further personalize your message and potential for great ROI.

7. Clear Attribution

eCommerce SMS notifications benefit from using simple short-codes, trackable, specific URLs, and stringent opt-in processes. There is one simple call to action per message and it is very easy to track the success of your campaign.

8. Use SMS to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

More than 88% of online shopping orders are abandoned with items in the shopping cart. This varies depending on the industry, with cart abandonment rates as follows:

  • 96+% for the automotive industry
  • 92+% for luxury goods
  • Almost 91% for airlines
  • Almost 88% for hotels
  • Almost 85% for retail
  • 80% for travel

What does this mean?
In a nutshell, it causes a failure of the customer to convert and a lost sale for your business. SMS notifications and reminders can redirect consumers to their abandoned cart and up to an average 45% recovery rate.

9. Unobtrusive Alerts

Text messages get opened. They can’t be sent to a spam folder and they are easy to open and read on the spot. Send messages and alerts about new products, events, promotions, sales, and more.

10. Recapture Stagnant Customers

Re-engage with customers who have not shopped with you for a while. wish past customers a happy birthday, send a “we miss you” message, and incentivize purchasing by offering a gift or other exclusive offer for making a time-sensitive purchase.

11. Send Shipping Notifications

Maintain engagement, and reassure customers they have not been forgotten as soon as their payment has processed, by keeping them in the loop with shipping alerts. Update them on restocking, shipping, and delivery advice. This demonstrates a high level of customer care which can only work in your favor.

12. Watch ROI Skyrocket

The average ROI enjoyed by SMS eCommerce notifications is a whopping 26 times the cost of the campaign – this is extremely high and indicated that a properly executed SMS marketing campaign can generate huge revenue for your business.

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