The rate of redemption of mobile SMS coupons is increasing at a rapid rate, and this illustrates the fact that mobile coupons are being embraced by consumers and that they work for businesses as a clever and active marketing tool. In 2015, almost thirty percent of people with a mobile device used mobile coupons, with the rate of redemption growing. It is also estimated that by the end of 2016, almost forty-five percent of marketers will use digital coupons. As such, it is wise to make SMS coupons an integral part of your mobile SMS marketing strategy.

What are mobile coupons? Put simply, they are electronic tickets that are delivered directly to a consumer’s mobile phone or other mobile device. They can be exchanged for a discount or rebate when the consumer purchases from the vendor’s store, either in-store or online via their website.

SMS coupons are most commonly used to entice consumers into retail stores, to entertainment attractions, or to recreational facilities such as restaurants. The ultimate goal of offering SMS coupons for a business may include:

  • to encourage repeat purchase or patronage
  • to respond to pressure placed by competitors
  • to move overstocked or out of date merchandise
  • to introduce a new product or service
  • to target specific markets
  • to trade consumers up to the next level
  • to offset price increases
  • to launch a new campaign

Why add SMS Coupons to your marketing strategy? SMS coupons are easy to both set up and send out to your recipient database list. You choose when to send out coupons – usually when you most need the boost in business; for example, when a customer has not visited your store and purchased for awhile. You can also send out coupons to reward customer loyalty or for acknowledging and thanking them for referrals. Best of all, SMS coupons are convenient for your customers; they don’t need to store paper or card coupons in their wallets, which can easily be misplaced. When a coupon is stored in a mobile phone, it is always on hand.

Finally, not only are SMS coupons cost effective to you as a business, they are environmentally friendly!

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