The Elusive Click-Throughs: Ways to Make them Happen

As a business owner, brand ambassador, or marketer, your primary goal is to trigger your target audience of consumers to take positive action on your website – in other words, you want to close the sale. This is ultimately achieved by click-throughs from your marketing SMS and email messages, as well as potentially via social media platforms. You also need great content on your website.

Yet there are far too many instances where a quality SMS or email marketing campaign fails to elicit click-throughs from subscribers. When this happens, you can’t help but wonder, am I simply wasting my time and money?

The simple answer is “no”; you’re not wasting your time (or money) – but there are certainly some things you can and should do to better guarantee your email and SMS marketing efforts ultimately pay off.

Some ways in which you can boost the consumer response to your SMS and email campaigns include:

Encourage sharing

Encourage sharing: satisfied subscribers are your most effective lead generators, and this happens when they share your content with others. By encouraging your subscribers to forward your emails, share social content, and share SMS alerts, it’s remarkably easy to spread the word for your brand. Positive word-of-mouth from a happy customer is invaluable, and people listen to those they know and respect.


Create a sense of urgency: if something is a great deal, it will be even more appealing if it’s for a limited time only. Here you need to appeal to the consumer’s very real fear of missing out (FOMO). When you communicate that there is a sense of urgency attached to a sale or special promotion, or scarcity to a particular product or service, well-targeted consumers will be encouraged to act quickly. You can achieve this by attaching time sensitivity to your marketing emails and text messages. Active phrases like “buy now”, “limited time, and “last chance” will trigger interested subscribers to take action.


Be Relatable: show that you are human in your messages. Be friendly and keep your tone compliant with your brand identity. Create content that is targeted to your specific audience. Communicate with your audience of consumers; don’t broadcast at them.


Create authority: you need to show yourself as an authority in your industry and niche. Create high-value content including SEO-optimised text on your landing pages, an onsite blog, infographics, eBooks, webinars, video content, and anything else that offers value and interest to your audience. Prove your worth by demonstrating it with dynamic content!

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