How Companies are Using SMS Notifications this Holiday Season

How to use SMS notifications this holiday season

It’s that time of year. From Christmas to Hanukkah, vacation time, and the (very welcome) winding up of the old year and the beginning of the new, the holidays are a busy time for advertisers, marketers, retailers, and service providers.

SMS notifications are incredibly effective year-round, but never more so than right now. See how to make them work best for your business this holiday season.

Why SMS notifications this holiday season

Getting your message heard by the right audience during the holiday season can be challenging as there are so many others out there, competing for consumers’ attention. When important information surfaces, you can have your message crafted and sent within minutes. Just try doing that with email 😉

And while we’re on the subject of email, for all those who have sent email marketing campaigns, reimagine your communications with a 98% open rate. Yep, only with SMS notifications can you achieve such results so quickly.

Not convinced? Consider:

  • People spend over 3 hours a day on their phone and check it at least 58 times a day. Pretty good chance your notification is going to be seen.
  • SMS has a 98% open rate with 90% of messages being read within 3 minutes. It smashes email.
  • There are over 14 billion mobile phones in the world and SMS works on every single one of them. There’s approx 3 billion of them, and you don’t need internet access.
  • It’s incredibly easy to add clickable links, hyperlinks, to your notifications. Drive people to one of your online properties. Track the link clicks and actions on these properties to measure effectiveness.
    Note, you can’t hyperlink words or add HTML into an SMS, however, if you use a valid URL in the message body, most modern devices automatically convert it to a tappable link. Better yet, use our free link shortening service.
  • In certain situations, people expect to receive an SMS notification from your brand/company; an order confirmation, and then order tracking for example. These types of notifications can be automated by integrating SMS functionality into your website, CRM, eCommerce platform. ClickSend integrates with over 900 of your favourite business applications, check out our integrations portal to find your apps.

Top text notification tips

Effective Holiday Communications via SMS

Get more out of your holiday comms with our hot tips.

Set an objective

What do you want to achieve from your SMS notifications? It might seem boring, but you need to know if your campaign is working. Your objective might be data capture, coupon redemption, an increase in sales or reservations. Set it, track it, learn from it.

Opt-in users

All the people on your SMS contact list, on your database, have to have previously opted-in to receive SMS communications from you. It’s law in most countries and the sending of unsolicited SMS is a practice we take very seriously. Your account could be closed down.

Schedule campaigns

If your SMS notification is urgent you can send it immediately, but you can also schedule it to be sent at a day and time of your choosing. This allows you to leverage best times, like a fast food outlet sending around a mealtime, without you having to physically click send at that time. And it also allows you to effectively manage different timezones.

Keep messages clear and concise

Get to the point, creatively. You have 160 characters to drive your desired action. Your SMS notification can exceed the 160 symbols limit, but it will be sent as two separate messages, which is twice as long to read and costs two messages.

Personalise your notification messages

We all know personalisation in marketing works. People like to feel they’re getting that personal touch. Using someone’s first name is a no-brainer and so simple with placeholders [first name] also known as merge tags or merge fields. You should go even further and send different message content based on the person’s stage /relationship with your company; you wouldn’t send a first-time buyer an offer for being a loyal customer etc.

Segment your contact list

Segmentation means dividing, segmenting, your contact list, into different audiences that have something in common: gender, age, location, etc. If you promote a new line of women’s swimwear, you will find a greater response rate by promoting it to women subscribers. Chances are it won’t be as relevant for men.

11 festive SMS notifications to start sending your customers

1. Merry Christmas! Sign Up for a Free Gift!

This is a great way to build your network and attract new customers or patrons. Incentives work all year, but during the Holiday season, people are even more inclined to sign up.

2. Holiday Gift Guides

Promote your services or products with an online holiday gift guide. Link to it via bulk SMS notifications and use your SMS content and gift guide to include and incorporate target keywords and strategic landing page links to improve your SEO at the same time.

3. Back-in-Stock Alerts

Having items consumers seek out of stock is the bane of shopping for both consumers and businesses. After all, a happy customer gets what they want – when they want it. Maximise customer satisfaction and send back-in-stock alerts when bestselling items are restocked and available. You can also incentivise shopping with your business further by offering a discount for purchasing promptly.

4. Mobile Coupons

SMS coupons are redeemed far more than any other type of coupon. This is a powerful way to trigger sales for your brand.

5. Compelling Images

Images captivate a person faster than anything else – so why not send your mobile notifications via MMS? Create captivating, irresistible, high-quality images to hook the recipient. This is extremely effective for restaurants and bars, hotels and destination tours, beauty and hair suppliers and fashion companies.

6. Shipping Cut-Off Dates

When shopping for gifts online, one of the most critical things your customer is looking for is delivery in time for Christmas. Dispatch and shipping times can be highly variable with different companies, so give your customers the confidence to shop with you by letting them know shipping cut-off dates by SMS notification.

Pro tip: when determining the last day for customers to buy in order for goods to be received before Christmas, allow an extra few business days buffer in case of any unforeseen delays with your logistics company.

7. Exclusive Offers

Reward consumers for their loyalty to your business. Send access to exclusive events and offers via text – it makes the recipient feel special and like they are getting something others have no access to – and this is a powerful marketing strategy.

8. Create a Festive Hashtag

Use a seasonal hashtag to organise your holiday SMS marketing campaign. This not only creates conversation around your brand, but it also enables you to collect valuable insights into your customers via their user-generated content. Encourage them to use your selected hashtag via your text notifications and share it in their social media posts.

9. Post-Christmas Sales

Even busier than shopping for Christmas is the post-Christmas sales period. Promote your brand’s sale with SMS notifications to engage your customers and elicit FOMO (fear of missing out) shopping as the year comes to an end.

10. Activate Fundraisers

The Holiday season is a great time to activate fundraiser campaigns. Many people are feeling generous and more willing to give a little to those in need.

11. Thank Your Customers

Thank your existing customers and patrons for their ongoing support of your business. Offer a discount on a future purchase – this makes your customers feel appreciated and it further personalises the relationship between them and your brand.

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