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SMS Marketing: Some Unique Examples

The success or failure of any SMS marketing campaign relies on its ability to capture the attention of the target audience; its innovation and its appeal. As a marketer or a business owner, you need to be able to think outside the box, and those whose campaigns achieve the best outcomes are those who take a creative approach to their SMS campaign.

Here are a few examples of innovative and creative ways in which people have made SMS marketing work for their brand:

  • Russia and vodka go together like Belgium and chocolate. In Russia, however, all vodka is not equal – and there is quite a problem with counterfeit product. Many people in Russia die annually from fake vodkas made with antifreeze, cologne, etc. Rossipirtprom is a Russian state initiative that not only fosters care for its citizens but also produces the majority of Russian vodka. Its SMS campaign involves subscribers being able to send an SMS with their vodka’s serial number to a specified short code; a reply verifies the authenticity of their product.
  • The American Red Cross had one of the world’s most successful and famous SMS marketing campaigns in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake in 2010. The American Red Cross used SMS to cleverly generate millions of dollars in life-saving donations; by texting HAITI to a specified number, $10 was automatically donated to the Red Cross. More than three million people donated via this campaign, with many thousands opting in to receive ongoing email marketing communications. More than ninety-five percent of people who responded to this campaign were first-time donors.
  • Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis had an innovative approach to marketing its allergen nasal spray product: a Pollen-Count Alert SMS campaign. Subscribers were able to receive up to date information on environmental pollen counts and on a regular basis, with alerts sent out when counts were high in each subscriber’s region. Not only was the campaign targeted, it promoted brand awareness and triggered people’s awareness of when they needed to use the product.
  • Adidas cleverly attached itself to the London Marathon, creating an unprecedented level of brand awareness. Runners and spectators could track their favourite runner by subscribing to a mobile website that was linked to each participant’s tags. Information given included marathon route, locations, speeds, projected finish times, viewing areas, and London’s weather. The mobile website was used by half a million people.

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