56 Sales Activation SMS Templates Your Business Needs

56 Sales Activation SMS Templates Your Business Needs

With this Black Friday and Cyber Monday gearing up to be one of the biggest online sales events, we’ve had several customers enquire about what messaging they should use for contacting customers about the upcoming sales.

Check out our list of messages for every touchpoint, ready for you to copy, paste, and tweak in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday communications. Or use them to get ideas and your own creativity flowing. We hope you find them useful!

Note: we’ve added a few tips below on how to use the SMS templates featured on this page, but you can also jump ahead straight to the templates: SHOW ME THE TEMPLATES!


  1. How to Use Our SMS Templates for Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  2. Transactional BFCM SMS Templates
  3. Marketing BFCM SMS Templates

How to Use Our SMS Templates for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you to copy and paste templates for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday SMS marketing strategy.

But here are a few best practice tips when using these templates….

Using SMS Placeholders

In the templates below, there are two types of placeholders.

Round Bracket Placeholder, eg. (First Name)

These placeholders should match up to the customer data you uploaded to your contact list. This is so you can personalise your messaging.

There are up to 4 custom fields you can add for any purpose – for example, you might want to include the product bought, invoice number, tracking number, etc. These are denoted as (Cust. 1-4).

When creating your SMS campaign, once you hit ‘Send Now’ and are taken to a confirmation page, you should see live data pull through where these placeholders are in your message. If you still see the placeholder, double-check for typos and that the data does in fact exist.

Square Bracket Placeholder, eg. [Company]

For these placeholders, you will need to change the content to reflect your own business needs. For example, we may include:

  • [company]: replace this with your company name
  • [discount]: replace this with the discount amount or percentage you are offering
  • [end date]: replace this with when the promotion will end

Unlike the round bracket placeholders, these will not pull in data from your contact list.


As always, it’s important to ensure that your customers have opted in to your marketing communications and are able to opt-out (this goes for all marketing SMS and email!).

With SMS communications there are two ways you can allow customers to opt-out.

Opt-Out Reply Stop

  • How: at the end of your marketing SMS, add the words Opt-Out Reply Stop.
  • Tip: this cannot be used if you are sending from a business name (as this method does not support replies).

Opt-Out Link

  • How: when sending your ClickSend SMS Campaign, click the Add Opt Out button and choose Unsubscribe Link.

For transactional messages (ie. messages that are not promotional in nature but are triggered by your customers interactions with your business), you do not need to include an opt out option. This is because these messages are informative in nature.

Transactional SMS templates

Transactional Black Friday/Cyber Monday SMS Templates

Ahead of the huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush, it’s worthwhile to ensure that your transactional messaging is ready.

Account Creation

Whether your business is online or you have a physical store, when a potential customer drops their email and mobile phone number, it indicates a level of emotional investment in your brand or products. Give them a warm welcome and thank them for joining up.

Online Account Creation

Hi (First Name), thanks for signing up for updates with [Company]. You’ll be first to know about our Black Friday weekend sales – watch this space!

[Company]: Hey (First Name), welcome to the VIP club. We’ll be sure to alert you first when we launch our massive Black Friday sale. You can edit your preferences here: [Link].

In-Store Signup

Have your staff encourage customers to join your mail list at the time of purchase, or you can offer in-store discounts for signing up. Once signed up, thank your customer via SMS:

[Company]: Hi (First Name)! It’s great to have you on board. As a valued customer, you will get first access to the best of our Black Friday sale. Fill your basket for quicker checkout at [Link].

Hey (First Name), thanks for joining our VIP program. We can’t wait to show you the exciting things we have in store for Black Friday. Check out our sneak peek at [Link]. [Company].

Order Journey for eCommerce Businesses

Order Placed

Thanks for your order (First Name)! Your items will be dispatched within the next business day and we will send your tracking info once it has been collected by [Post Service]. [Company].

[Company]: Hi (First Name), thanks for placing your order with us! We’ll dispatch it right away and let you know your tracking ID. We hope you enjoyed your shopping experience with us!

Hi (First Name), your [Company] order #(Cust. 1) has been confirmed. We’ll text you when it gets dispatched. Thanks for placing an order with us!

Note: in this last template, Cust. 1 is the placeholder for your customer’s order number.

Order Dispatched

Hi (First Name), your order is on its way! Your tracking number is (Cust. 1) and you can track your parcel at [Link]. [Company].

Hey (First Name), your [Company] order has been shipped and your est delivery date is (Cust. 2). To check the progress of your order, your tracking number is (Cust. 1) with [courier].

Note in these above examples, Cust. 1 will need to be configured as the customer’s tracking ID and Cust. 2 as the estimated delivery date.

Order Update – Arriving Today

If you get an update from your fulfillment companies (for example, if you have your warehouse management system integrated with your logistics provider), it’s great to provide your customers with an update when it’s due to arrive. Not only can customers ensure someone is home to sign for the parcel, but it generates greater excitement.

[Company]: Hi (First Name), your parcel is almost here! We have been notified that it’s onboard for delivery today. We hope you enjoy your [Product]. [Company].

Marketing SMS Templates

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Marketing SMS Templates

Once you have all your transactional messaging setup, you can set and forget while concentrating on your BFCM SMS marketing broadcasts. Check out these templates to send prior to-, during, and after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Build excitement and anticipation by sending SMS before the event, or use SMS to drive people to sign up for sale alerts via SMS.

Hey (First Name), Black Friday is around the corner… want to see a sneak peek? Check out what we have in store for you: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hi (First Name), as a VIP with [Company] you’re first to see our Black Friday markdowns! Take a look here: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Get excited! Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend deals are going to be HUGE this year. Want a place at the start of the queue? Sign up for sale alerts at [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

First in, best dressed – literally! Don’t get left behind – we have massive sales coming up and you can be the first to know. Want in? Sign up now: [Link]. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Hey (First Name), Black Friday is quickly approaching! Enjoy amazing discounts and free shipping at [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Join our member list and get exclusive access to our Black Friday sales and coupon codes. Want in? Reply ACCESS to be first in.
Opt-out reply stop.

Note with the above template you will need to have SMS keywords enabled for the word ‘ACCESS’.

Then once your loyal followers have subscribed, respond with a confirmation of their opt-in.

[Company]: Alright (First Name), thanks for signing up! We’ll let you know as soon as the best deals are available this Black Friday weekend!
Opt-out reply stop.

BFCM Promotional SMS Templates – Examples for Different Products and Industries

Send the following text messages whenever your promotions go live – choose your template depending on the nature of your business.

Sale Alert Examples for eCommerce

[Company]: Don’t miss out on our huge Black Friday bargains. Enjoy our [discount] off sale, available today only! Shop now: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hi (First Name), get the first pick of our Black Friday deals! Use code [Coupon code] and get amazing discounts of up to [Discount]: [Link]. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Hi (First Name), exciting news! Our 24hr Cyber Monday sale starts NOW. Enjoy [discount] off on selected items at [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Retail Stores Sale SMS Templates

[Company]: Happy Black Friday! Get [Discount] storewide – show this text to the cashier to redeem. Exp [End date].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: It’s the sale event you’ve been waiting for! Get [Offer] on a range of our most popular [Products]. Hurry, we will sell out!
Opt-out reply stop.

And don’t be afraid to cash in on some of the consumer spending on Cyber Monday…

[Company]: Missed out on our Black Friday sale? Come in-store and shop great offers in our Not-So-Cyber Monday sale!
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Cyber Monday is not just online! Come in-store to get [Offer] on [Product]. Limited stock – see you soon!
Opt-out reply stop.

SMS for fashion retailers

Fashion Retailers

[Company]: Hi (First Name), with the festive season approaching it’s a great time to treat yourself to a new outfit. Check out our Black Friday sale items or get [discount] on all new stock! Shop now: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hi (First Name), got that event coming up and nothing to wear? We’ve got you covered! Get a bargain this Black Friday – check out our massive sale: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Give the gift of luxury to someone special – or maybe just yourself! Get free engraving on our luxury range this Black Friday. Hurry, the offer ends on [End date]. Shop now: [Link]. [Company]. Opt-out reply stop.

Hair & Beauty Industry

[Company]: Hi (First Name), you won’t want to miss our Black Friday mega sale! With up to [Max. Discount] off our bestsellers, the stock will run out. Shop now at [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Big event coming up? Make a booking this Black Friday weekend and we’ll throw in a free hair treatment with your next cut or color. Book at [Link]. [Company].

Show how well you know her with a custom eyeshadow palette – on sale this Black Friday, it makes a perfect Christmas gift! Hurry – ends soon! Shop: [Link]. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

Toy Stores

If you run a toy company, there’s oodles of opportunity to encourage your customers to buy their gifts for Christmas early.

[Company]: Unsure what to get your kids for Christmas, (First Name)? Check out our massive range of toys in our Black Friday sale. Get [Discount] off on a huge range of bestselling toys: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Having kids on Santa’s “Nice” list doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Shop our Black Friday sale and save on all your gifts and stocking stuffers. Sale ends Monday – shop now: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Avoid the silly season headache and get your Christmas shopping done early. To help you, check out our huge range of toys ON SALE NOW for Black Friday! Shop at [Link]. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

Tech and Gadgets

If you’re selling computers, tablets, mobile devices, software, gadgets or accessories, there are a few angles you could choose from this Black Friday – whether it’s preparing for Christmas, or even upgrading to suit new work from home arrangements.

[Company]: Hi (First Name), take the silliness out of the silly season and get your shopping done early this year. We have [Discount] off a huge range of laptops, phones, and accessories. Shop Black Friday sale now: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company]: Hi (First Name), upgrade your tech this Black Friday with our super discounts. Check out our bestselling [Product] at [Discount] off! Shop deals now: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hey (First Name), getting fed up with your slow internet connection and cutting out of Zoom meetings? Upgrade your connection and save this Black Friday – check out our amazing deals: [Link]. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

House and Home

There are many opportunities during the holiday season to push home improvements, household products, furniture, and interior design pieces. There are also opportunities created by the pandemic, eg. a sudden run on desks creating a shortage early this year. There was also a bizarre fascination about people’s homes, in particular their bookshelves. Here are some SMS examples for house and home products.

[Company]: Hi (First Name), are you uncomfortable in your make-shift home office? Upgrade your home office furniture this Black Friday weekend and get [Discount] off our range of ergonomic chairs, desks and monitor stands. Shop now: [Link]
Opt-out reply stop.

[Company] Black Friday Promotion: Hey (First Name), is that wall looking a bit bare? Express your personality with our range of wall art, wallpaper, and picture frames – all discounted this Black Friday! Shop our massive sale at [Link]. Hurry, the sale ends Monday!
Opt-out reply stop.

Hey (First Name), get your Christmas shopping done early with our Mega Black Friday sale! Get [discount] off a huge range of homewares, gifts, and cards from [Company]. Check out the sale at [Link] or in-store!
Opt-out reply stop.

Kitchen Appliances/Whitegoods

[Company]: (First Name) – time to replace the fridge, dishwasher or washing machine? Check out our massive Black Friday sale. With amazing prices and free delivery and installation, you’d be crazy to miss out! Shop now: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hey (First Name), you’re going to love the [Company] Black Friday sale! Get huge discounts off all floor stock and amazing savings on all new stock. Come check it out for yourself – doors open [Time] tomorrow.
Opt-out reply stop.

Electrical and Big Ticket

Let’s face it, if you’re in this business, big Black Friday sales are expected. Don’t get left behind, ensure that your brand is front of mind for your customers to maximise sales and minimise the number of sales going to your competitor.

Black Friday Sales Start NOW at [Company]: Get in quick (First Name) for your pick of the best deals this Black Friday! Get a brand new 85” TV at up to 85% off! Shop in-store or online but be quick! With these prices, we WILL sell out!
Opt-out reply stop.

(First Name) it’s now or never – shop our Black Friday Mega Sale NOW. With massive discounts online and in-store, you can’t afford to miss out! Check out all the deals at [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.


[Company]: Prepare for the indulgent season ahead. Get [discount] when you join our gym this Black Friday weekend and treat yourself without the guilt! Reply FIT to smash your health goals with us.
Opt-out reply stop.

Hi (First Name), have you heard about our massive Black Friday sale? Don’t wait until the new year, sign up for our 5 class pass, and get 5 classes free! Check out our other amazing deals at [Link]. Hurry, sale ends [End date]. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.


Not only can you cash in on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness if you’re in the biz of selling cars, but this is also a great time for automotive repairers to drive sales. With air travel grinding to a halt this year, those who choose to travel in the holidays will be using their vehicle for transport. Thus it’s a great time to check that your customers have what they need to travel safely… and an opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling to your clients.

[Company]: Hey (First Name), has your car been fitted with snow tyres? Drive with confidence and protect your family this holiday season. Check out our Black Friday sales at [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hi (First Name), it’s [Sales Person name] from [Company] here. I hope you are still enjoying your new four-wheel drive. I thought I’d let you know we are having [Discount] on roo-bars* so you can be confident on the roads this holiday season. Reply BARS and I’ll send through the info.
Opt-out reply stop.

*Kangaroo-bar, bull bar, nudge bar, cattle pusher, moose bumper… whatever you like to call it ? Just remember to add BARS (or your choice of keyword) as an SMS keyword.

Trades and Services

If you’re in the trades and services industry, you can also get in on the Black Friday action. You may not even need to offer a discount if you can time your communications when potential customers may need your services the most.

For example, for plumbers in the US, the busiest day of the year is Black Friday, from many people incorrectly disposing of food waste at Thanksgiving. Maximise the potential by boosting your company visibility through SMS – in countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this could be done on Boxing Day or any day following a traditional celebration.

Hey (First Name), is your sink not emptying like it used to? Perhaps a few too many food scraps went down the drain? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there – and we’re here to help! For all of your holiday plumbing needs, reply PLUMBER and we’ll send help. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

In Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, Black Friday is in Spring and often a time when people start thinking about home improvements. If this is your remit, get ahead of your competition with SMS.

Hi (First Name), stop putting off those home repairs and improvements. We can help you to get started – reply START for an obligation-free quote on your next project. [Company].
Opt-out reply stop.

Note: with the template above you will need to enable START as an SMS keyword.

SMS for abandoned cart

Abandoned Cart

Hi (First Name), you left something in your shopping cart! Finish your purchase now at [link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hey (First Name), we’ve saved your cart for you! Take advantage of our sale and get your items now: [link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Hi (First Name), you’ve left something in your [Company] cart. Don’t miss out on – stocks are limited: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

You may want to really incentivise returning to the cart with a discount; drive action by ensuring that this extra promotion is time-bound.

[Company]: Oops – you left some items behind. No to worry, we’ve got your back! Get a further [Discount] off your items if you checkout in the next hour: [Link].
Opt-out reply stop.

Note: given abandoned cart, messages are triggered by a customers’ action (or inaction really), many people assume these are transactional messages. However, given that they are designed to encourage people to convert and are promotional in nature, they do get classed as marketing messages and should include an opt-out.

Follow up/Lead in to Christmas

Use the momentum from Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales to propel yourself into the lead up to Christmas and Boxing Day. Thank your customers who bought an item from you with a text message and invitation to sign up for Christmas sale notifications.

Hi (First Name), we hope you enjoyed your new purchase with us! It’s great to get a bargain, isn’t it? To be first to know about our Christmas and holiday bargains reply PROMO to get sale alerts.
Opt-out reply stop.

Hey (First Name), thanks for shopping our Black Friday sale! We think you’ll also LOVE our Christmas sale – make sure you’ve signed up for Christmas updates at [Link] so you’ll be first to know about sales.
Opt-out reply stop.

You may also want to get a bit of social momentum by including a mention of your social media accounts…

Hi (First Name), thanks for shopping with us this Black Friday! We always love seeing our customers enjoying [Product], so tag us on Instagram or Facebook for your chance to win a [Giveaway]. We can’t wait to see what you think!
Opt-out reply stop.

We hope that you found this list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday templates helpful. If you want more ideas or tips, drop a comment below or chat with a superstar customer support rep through our 24/7 live chat.


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