Customers who have been with us for a long time will have seen our public website get a crisper look over the past couple of years. How crisp you say?

Let us remind ourselves of what our website looked like then compared to now.

This is the before. Swipe to see the after.

Bit of a change hey?

The Dashboard is Getting a Revamp

That’s right. We’ve now directed our attention to giving the dashboard (our name for our users’ platform) a whole new look – but this won’t just be about looks. What is it really about?

  • Your experience (we want to make sure it’s the smoothest)
  • Your feedback (we’ve been listening to your feature requests)
  • Your success (we’re making way for some drool-worthy tech)

So what’s changing?

A lot of things. Starting with this sort of gobbledygook our developers furiously type all day.

Photographer: Arif Riyanto | Source: Unsplash

No one really knows what developers do, they just tell us they’re working on “improving our performance, reliability and build turn-around”. They say we won’t necessarily see these changes, but we will feel them. Kind of like getting your car serviced ?

But let’s talk about something you will see, we’re giving you a sneak peek into what our revamped dashboard will look like by the release of its first new page. Drum roll, please….?

First to arrive: The New Contacts Page

….and with it, here is what you can expect:

1. A Fresh User Interface

The new contacts page combines the lists and contacts on the same page. This means no more guessing what’s behind each list. Everything is super accessible and responsive. The beauty speaks for itself. ?

Swipe across to compare the new Contacts Page with the current.

2. Better List Management

We’ve heard you loud and clear. You want to keep on top of your lists and make sure you only keep what you need. We’ve added the ability for you to delete multiples lists at a time through a very sleek process.

3. A Recent List Imports History

We’ve made it easier for you to see the status of your recent list imports through a summary you can access from any of your lists that have had recent imports.

What’s next?

We want to make sure you’re happy, so you will get the option to choose between the old and new contacts pages. If you choose new, you can still switch back to old. We’ll be heavily relying on your feedback during this period to guide us through the rest of the development of our new dashboard, so feel free to voice your opinions using our feedback widget.

This will continue to be a two-way process. We’re releasing a few pages at a time, incorporating your feedback and then moving on to the next few pages.

We know you will love the things we have in store for you! Enjoy exploring the new dashboard. ✨