Contacting customers through SMS is super easy, fast, convenient and practical.

Every time businesses catch on to the power of SMS, they wonder why they haven’t tried it before. 😉

Long response times and delivery of messages can slow down businesses — in some cases, it can even prolong pain (seriously).

Mobius needed patients to provide clinical feedback post-operation. And in this case, SMS saved the day.

Read on to find out how Mobius used ClickSend to help people heal.

Responsive patient tracking – Mobius

People need support after treatment, but it can be difficult for time-poor patients to connect with their clinicians.

The Mobius platform is a patient tracking platform built specifically for patients with musculoskeletal injuries. The tool helps radiology clinics stay connected with patients.

Mobius tracks patient pain following a procedure and can then use this data to identify which patients require a follow-up eliminating the need for multiple in-person doctor-patient meetings.

Then, Mobius automatically closes the gap between patients and medical practitioners by sharing a report with both the referring clinics and with patients directly (again by SMS!).

What’s up, doc?

Communication breakdown between clinics and patients can result in people not getting the aftercare they need, unhappy patients and wasted resources.

Recovering from a musculoskeletal injury isn’t easy. During this time, clients can be slow to respond to emails and may miss phone calls from practitioners.

On a good day, 90% of people screen phone calls from unknown numbers and only 20% of emails are opened. It makes sense that people are even less likely to answer calls or open emails when they’re unwell.

To speed up recovery times and improve aftercare, Mobius needed to ensure that patients receive messages as soon as possible to accurately identify the recovery timeline for patients.

On top of that, Mobuis needed a communication method that complies with Australia’s data sovereignty laws.

Can we fix it?

To find a solution to their problem, Mobius looked for the most effective way to send reminders and updates to patients. They found ClickSend through a quick google search and word-of-mouth recommendations.

After a quick talk with our 24/7 customer support team, Mobuis set up their account in minutes and started sending.

Mobius began to use SMS, post and fax to contact patients through our dashboard and API.

Plus, ClickSend is based in Australia and abides by Australian data sovereignty laws. A win-win for Mobius.

Yes, we can…

It turns out that after using our platform, Zachary King, Mobius Co-founder, said…

“We have a 99% patient response rate, which is unheard of in this industry”.

Thanks to ClickSend, SMS significantly increased the patient compliance rate for post-care responses.

The open rate for SMS is 98%, with a 90-second response rate. Texts also don’t require an internet connection, so your customers can receive an SMS from anywhere.

Wrap up

Overall, Mobuis are making clinics and patients’ lives easier thanks to their innovative software and a combination of direct SMS messaging.

And our customer support team also helped out a bit 😉 according to Zachary…

“The support team were and are absolutely amazing. Time after time, they have gone above and beyond, and we wouldn’t have made it without them – thank you, rockstars!”

Are you searching for the same results as Mobius for your business?

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