Mobile Marketing: Common Mistakes to Avoid

More and more consumers are relying heavily or even solely on mobile devices to access the internet and to engage with vendors. Mobile marketing is becoming more and more a primary marketing channel. As such, it is critical to get it right for your business and your customer base. A great mobile marketing campaign can take your business to the next level; a poorly considered campaign can conversely be very damaging to your brand.

Below, in no set order, are some of the top most common mobile marketing mistakes that business owners make. These need to be understood and avoided at all costs…

Having No Mobile Marketing Strategy

More than half of all ecommerce visits are now undertaken via a mobile device, and up to 20% of all in-store retail activities are influenced in some way by mobile. Failure to have a mobile marketing plan is a plan to fail.

Failure to Brand your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Branding is the name of the game. Identify who you are and what your campaign offers to its audience and opt-in members. 

Not Aligning your Mobile Strategy with other Marketing Efforts

Your overall marketing efforts should be cohesive and this includes mobile. This allows consumers to enjoy a seamless and accessible experience. 

Sending Email that is not Mobile Optimised

The majority of consumers now open email on their mobile devices. As such, your email messages MUST be mobile optimised… 

Failure to Have a Mobile-Optimised Website

A website that is not optimised for mobile viewing and interaction is doomed to fall behind those of one’s competitors. Mobile optimisation also helps your website perform better in SEO results – it is essential to optimise for both desktop and mobile interaction.

Complicated Opt-In or Opt-Out

It’s simple: if it’s too hard to opt in or out, consumers just won’t bother. 

Failure to Optimise Checkout for Mobile

Ask only for essential information on mobile checkout; automate as much as possible, and make the experience for consumers quick, easy, and effective.

Sending Too Many or Too Few Messages

Too many messages are annoying to the consumer and reeks of spam. Keep messages to between four and six per month as an optimal goal.

Too few messages will risk your brand being forgotten and seeming to not be targeted – which again suggests spam.

Failure to Time message Delivery

Time sensitive messages tend to achieve the best results – so make use of this phenomenon with your mobile marketing efforts. And remember to never deliver messages overnight.

Having Pages that Load Slowly

There is little more annoying to a consumer than a page that loads slowly or that uses Flash on a mobile device.

Doing it Yourself

Unless you are an expert in the field of SMS marketing, it’s strongly advised that you enlist the professionals like us at Clicksend to help you implement a mobile marketing strategy that is strong and effective. Experts like us have the experience and knowledge to know what works, what doesn’t, what is good practice, and to collaborate with you to create the right mobile campaign for your brand. Contact us today.

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