Mobile Marketing: 2019 Wrap-up

Another year is coming to an end and, before we look to upcoming trends to watch in the coming year, we’re going to take a look at where mobile marketing stands at the end of 2019.

Mobile Marketing and SMS Marketing Wrap-up

2019 mobile wrap up

Here are fast facts and swift statistics on mobile and SMS marketing to wrap up 2019….

1. By 2020, there will be 2.87 billion mobile phone users worldwide.

2. By 2020, projected spend for SMS advertising globally is $247 billion.

3. By 2021, local SMS marketing (targeted by location) will reach $32.4 billion.

4. 87% of internet users now have mobile phones.

5. In 2019, 80% of mobile users used their mobile device to search the internet.

2020 mobile statistics

6. 75% of teens regularly shop online.

7. 40% of total online transactions are via a mobile device.

8. More than 50% of websites are now optimised for mobile.

9. A negative experience on a mobile website results in shoppers patronising a direct competitor.

10. Half the world’s internet traffic in 2019 was via a mobile device.

teens on mobiles

11. The average smartphone user is actively using their phone for 4 hours per day.

12. Mobile-influenced spending offline accounts for $1 Trillion in global revenue.

13. 90% of consumers prefer to receive SMS ads from businesses over direct calls.

14. 85% of consumers prefer B2C conversations over text as opposed to a voice call or email.

15. Brand familiarity elicits 54% of consumers to pay attention to mobile marketing.

16. 41% of consumers respond to promotional offers send via SMS.

17. The average SMS campaign conversion rate is currently 45%.

18. Demand for RCS will expand in 2020. Mobile video advertising spend exceeded $30 billion globally in 2018 and more consumers seek RCS including video content.

19. In 2019, marketers who used at least three channels (e.g. SMS solutions, email marketing, and direct mail postcards) experienced 90% higher customer retention.

20. Consumers expect more, including SMS marketing features such as 2-way messaging, custom deals, multiple device tracking and more.

the year of RCS

SMS Solutions – and More – at ClickSend

Mobile is the future – and this incorporates SMS solutions, email, fax to email, and optimising communications for mobile. ClickSend is your gateway to achieve this and so much more.

From our entire team at ClickSend, we wish you the very best for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous, and Safe New Year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2020!

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