When you run any kind of marketing campaign, you need to track its progress; is it working? Which aspects of the campaign are most successful with consumers? What could be improved upon?

You track and analyse the success of your SMS campaign with metrics. Metrics are simply parameters for quantitatively assessing and comparing your performance. The most important metrics to analyse in your SMS campaign include:

  • Delivery Rate: Of the total number of SMS messages you send to subscribers, what percentage are delivered successfully? The answer to this can be influenced by messaging frequency, size of list, composition of pre-paid phones, and more. Any delivery rate of less than 90% is of concern. You want your SMS delivery rate to exceed 96% at minimum.
  • Click-Through Rate: How do your subscribers respond to your messages? Do they take positive action? If you include a link to your website in your SMS, are your subscribers clicking through? 
  • Failure Rate: This is the direct opposite of the delivery rate. What percentage overall of messages sent were failed to be delivered? This can occur when phone carriers block messages as spam, or when subscribers change their phone number. A great company like ClickSend can help here by having procedures to recognise and process deactivated subscriber phone numbers and failures for messages to be delivered. 
  • Rate of Redemption: What percentage of unique coupon codes that you sent in your campaign have been redeemed at your business? The higher this number, the more successful your campaign.
  • Opt-Out Rate: Some subscribers just opt-out. Does a specific campaign trigger more opt-outs than previous campaigns? A high opt-out rate strongly suggests that your campaign has not been received as well by subscribers – so look at what you can do to avoid this in future.
  • Help Request Rate: Your SMS platform provider (i.e. ClickSend!) can provide you with statistics for the number of subscribers who ask for help with your campaign.

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