Integrated SMS and Email Campaigns for Success

Australia is a global leader in the adoption of smartphone technology and use across all aspects of modern life. Mobile is, as such, transforming how we do business, and thanks to mobile, consumers can actively interact with their favoured brands at any time of the day or night.

Mobile consumer surveys demonstrate that Australians first and foremost check SMS on their phones, followed by emails and then their social media feeds. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to not only reach consumers quickly, but to gain deeper insight into consumer behaviours. When SMS and email are integrated, data tracking originates on the one platform.

Mobile marketers need to think very innovatively and constantly come up with new and captivating ways to harness and hold consumers’ attention spans and to convert them to paying customers. The digital world and global marketplace has never been more competitive than it is today.

Integration of your email and SMS campaigns will offer consumers a more connected overall experience. This requires:

  • Mobile optimisation of email for readability and visual integrity
  • Integrating SMS alerts with email for direct connection
  • Streamlined communications

By integrating SMS with email marketing platforms, you at once simplify your overall marketing strategy. The strategy can be automated in a holistic way, sending alerts and messages timed to be relevant and allowing the marketing team to be more efficient in their responses. More urgent messages can be triggered as SMS alerts, while more involved or less time-sensitive messages can be delivered via email platforms.

AN email and SMS solution that is integrated will streamline your approach and save you operational costs as a business. The benefits for both you as a brand and for your customers will speak for themselves.

ClickSend is your premium Australian-based SMS and email marketing partner. We are a team of professionals who are here to facilitate all of your digital communications, including integrated SMS and email campaigns for optimal business success. Contact us today to take the next big step in your business marketing journey – we are waiting for your call!

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