Loyalty programs are currently enjoying a real buzz amongst consumers. The concept that one is rewarded in some way for shopping in a particular store is very appealing, and gives the impression that one gets “something for nothing”.  While we all know that you in fact have to spend money to get something in return, any vendor offering the extra incentive via a loyalty program will have the advantage over their competitors.

In a recent survey conducted by Technology Advice, a staggering 82.4% of respondents stated that they would be more inclined to shop in a store that offered a loyalty program, and SMS loyalty programs are perceived as the most convenient and by far the most popular amongst consumers.

A fully automated SMS-based loyalty program is a way of rewarding your customers for shopping with you and for their repeat business. It works particularly well for any business that relies on walk-in customers as opposed to primarily online consumers.

An SMS loyalty program allows business owners to run a fully automated, premium customer loyalty program. In-store rewards are offered to loyal and repeat customers, who are the primary resource for daily sales for any walk-in shopfront. Consumers who have nominated to be a part of your loyalty program will be automatically rewarded each time they visit your business and make a purchase. There is no better way to broadcast last-minute specials, sales, and offers.

When a customer joins your SMS loyalty program, they are allowing you into their “inner circle” by giving you access to their mobile phone. Ensure all of your messages are valuable to the recipient; deliver the value you have promised; and keep your messages simple and concise. Create a two-way conversation to learn what is working for you and what could be improved upon, and be consistent and in line with your brand philosophy.

There is no more effective method of enticing your prospective customers than by communicating directly with them via text message to their mobile phone – which is invariably within arm’s reach and checked dozens of times each day.

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