Have you started planning your Easter marketing yet?
With less than a month until Easter, it’s time to get planning. The good news is, there’s still time to send your customers Easter postcards in the mail.

And to help expedite your Easter postcard strategy, Hazza The Graphics Guy has been busy designing downloadable postcard templates for you to use. Simply choose your preferred design (there are seven to choose from) and follow our easy instructions.


  1. Why Should You Send Postcards – a quick recap of why they work.
  2. How to Use Our Templates – it’s simpler than you think!
  3. Postcard Templates – not your first postcard rodeo? Skip ahead to the good stuff.

Why Should You Send Postcards?

Here’s a quick recap on why your business needs postcards:

  • Unrivaled cut through: be unmissable and ensure your message is heard with a personalised postcard. Recipients can’t help but read it!
  • It’s hugely underutilised: don’t fight your competitors for eyeballs on social media, email, paid search, display, or video campaigns. Cut through the noise by going straight to the postbox.
  • Delight your customers: isn’t it nice to get a postcard instead of bills and junk mail in your letterbox?

Want more reasons? Check out our 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Postcards.

How to Send Bulk Postcards

We’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible – download, edit, drop into the dashboard, choose your recipients and click send!

Here’s how to send bulk Easter postcards:

  1. Choose your postcard template below: select the postcard template you would like to send and click the download link.
  2. Edit the postcard message: this is really important as we have left filler text (‘lorem ipsum’ in the message body). Open the downloaded postcard and edit the message field to reflect your message. Remember to save.
  3. Log in to the ClickSend dashboard: in the left-hand menu, click Post then Postcards.
  4. Choose your contacts: in the ‘To’ field, find your contact list.
  5. Choose your return address: in the ‘From’ field, choose your return address or add a new address by clicking ‘Add New Address’ on the right.
  6. Add your edited template: upload your postcard PDF by clicking Browse.
  7. Send: once the file has uploaded click Send Now.

Here’s a quick video of steps 3-7:

Don’t have an account? Don’t worry, you can sign up and be sending in minutes and we’ll even give you some free credit – so you’ll definitely be sending.

Easter Postcard Templates

Standard Easter Postcards

Happy Easter #1

Download here: Happy Easter #1

Happy Easter #2

Download here: Happy Easter #2

Happy Easter #3

Download here: Happy Easter #3

Easter Sale

Note: unlike the other templates here, this template will need editing on the front side also, to ensure to reflect your chosen sale message and website address.

Download here: Easter Sale

Humourous: Egg-cellent Easter

Download here: Egg-cellent Easter

Humourous: I was an Easter egg…

Download here: I was an Easter egg…

Humourous: Ouch

Download here: Ouch

Partner with ClickSend to send beautiful, personalised postcards on demand. Our fully automated cloud postcard print and mail solution is designed to take the headache out of sending bulk printed mail. Reach your customers and be heard – you could even follow up your postcard campaign with an SMS closer to the day. Whatever your strategy, get in touch with us for help implementing your Easter campaigns. Our lovely customer support staff are online 24/7 waiting to hear from you.

And from the rest of the ClickSend gang, we wish you and yours a safe, happy, and chocolate-filled Easter weekend.