Fascinating Facts: Remarkable SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS provides a golden opportunity for marketers, brands, and businesses to reach their target audiences quickly and efficiently. In spite of the evolution of mobile technology, SMS marketing and bulk SMS remain at the forefront and the favoured channel for communication with consumers.

There are some key statistics relating to SMS marketing which savvy business owners need to be aware of in order to hold a competitive edge in an ever-more-crowded marketplace.

Short links boost engagement

1. Conversion Rates are boosted by Short Links – and branded links achieve a click-through-rate of 39% more than generic links. This is directly related to the trust a consumer has for their preferred brands and the perception of security.

2. SMS has open rates 5x those for Email – most consumers perceive SMS as being a trusted and personalised mode of communication. It is more cost-effective than email and provides a better return on investment for marketers and business owners.

sms response rates exceed email

3. SMS Response Rates exceed those for Email by 750% – email response rates average just 6% compared with 45% for SMS. SMS is more convenient and is by far the preferred channel for B2C communications. When your offers and other marketing material are sent via SMS, they’re more likely to:

a. Be Opened

b. Be Responded To

c. Convert to Sales

4. By 2021, RCS is Estimated to be Worth almost USD $75 BillionRCS, or rich communication services, will combine SMS with other chat apps, overhauling traditional SMS into a messaging channel that will feature read receipts, group chat, video, and other high-level functionality features. It is currently in development by Google and other major carrier networks.

5. 75% of Consumers are willing to receive promotional material via SMS. This is a direct result of the opt-in nature of SMS marketing.

6. Most consumers prefer to text for Customer Support – SMS is by far superior for customer support purposes than email or voice calls. It requires shorter wait times, allows for automated responses to frequently asked questions, and reduces inbound calls to call centres, cutting costs in the long term.

7. Most people prefer SMS for business communications – in fact, 80% of people use SMS for business communications. SMS is convenient, unobtrusive, and fast with almost instant delivery of messages.

8. SMS Marketing is growing faster than Email Marketing

It’s important for marketers to understand that half of the world’s consumers do not own a smartphone. Hence, more than a third of mobile phones globally are not advanced enough to utilise QR codes, apps, and other advanced features of mobile marketing. SMS provides a one-size-fits-all solution to this.

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