Bulk SMS is a fantastic tool for promotion of expo events – it is intelligent, interactive, and it actively encourages audience engagement, revenue-building, and lead generation.

From the cost-effective promotion of your expo to the right audiences, bulk SMS is also useful for making your expo more interactive and to maintain interest and engagement as the event unfolds.

Expo attendees participate for numerous reasons – to review and potentially purchase new products or services, for business partnerships, for networking, to learn, to check on competition, to see what’s happening in the market or just to pick up some free merch 😉.  types of expos include industry specific expos like a computer expo, trade fairs, world fairs, conferences, seminars, trade shows, lectures, and more. There are also specific events that happen at expos like keynotes that, with the use of SMS by organisers, can improve participation and attendee satisfaction.

Through bulk SMS, audience engagement, communication, and feedback are maximised.

How to promote your event with Bulk SMS

  • Pre-event SMS messaging via opt-in to promote the event for near-perfect open rates. Invite attendees to ask questions via SMS. Provide links to important information.
  • Offer vouchers for discounted rates for event admission
  • Send out event reminders
  • Distribute urgent communications in the event of scheduling changes, inclement weather, or other important information as it arises ⚠️
  • Automate session announcements to boost attendance
  • Enhance audience interaction during the event with short-codes for live polling
  • Match attendees with relevant sessions and even job opportunities
  • Conduct post-event surveys via text messaging
  • Collect and analyse ROI data

Live polling

Live polling deserves a special mention. It collects real-time statistics from attendees as your event unfolds. It maximises the engagement levels of your audience and keeps them interested and participating in an active way. By encouraging feedback in real time, your live polling via SMS provides an enhanced experience that is relevant and captivating for your audience. It also helps you plan future events.

SMS event promotion can be a cost-effective, valuable tool to not only promote your event but also to boost its interest, efficiency, and interactivity for both attendees and organisers. There is no simpler way to engage your audience from the organisational phase right through to post-event follow-up.

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