Email Marketing Personalisation: Relevant Statistics

Personalisation across all types of marketing, especially from email marketing, is extremely important to engage consumers effectively. A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing does not work optimally in modern marketing, and your messages should deliver the impression that they have been customised for each recipient.

The Importance of Personalisation

Importance of personalisation in email marketing

Modern consumers seek to be recognised as the individuals they are – and when so many brands and businesses succeed in achieving this, you need to make sure your own unique brand achieves the same. Personalisation of emails, whether for email marketing or transactional, is a very effective way to show your subscribers that you see them and appreciate them for who they are.

Personalised emails work for your business’s bottom line too – they captivate and engage your subscribers to elicit loyalty and buying behaviour.

  • They stand out
  • They appear more relevant
  • They encourage higher open and read rates
  • They deliver relevant content
  • They are timely

Some Statistics to Consider*:

Personalised subject lines boost open rates
  • Personalised subject lines elicit a 50% boost in open rates
  • Personalised emails boost purchase behaviour by 600%
Consumers enjoy responding to personalised emails
  • More than 60% of consumers enjoy responding to personalised emails from their favoured retailers
  • Targeted, segmented emails generate 58% of all online revenue
Targeted emails generate more revenue
  • 74% of marketers report that customer engagement increases with targeted personalisation…
  • …yet only 39% of online retailers use email personalisation to send product recommendations
A personalised call to action has a higher conversion rate
  • 33% of modern marketers believe personalisation will be the most important marketing capability in the future
  • 50% of companies surveyed state a belief that email engagement is boosted by personalisation
Personalise email boost purchasing
  • Birthday emails generate almost 350% higher revenue per email delivered than regular promotional emails that are not personalised
  • A call to action that is personalised has a conversion rate of more than 200% higher than those that are generic

Choose ClickSend

ClickSend has the tools and the techniques to help your marketing and transactional emails and email to text captivate your audience through personalisation and seamless delivery. Our platform allows for everything from list segmentation to personalisation tags and other savvy techniques; we offer the very best email and SMS marketing platform available.

From harnessing the power of integration to leveraging dynamic content that is crafted for your target audience, boosting relevance with automation, and pairing your emails with personalised landing pages, we can help you deliver exactly what your subscribers signed up for.

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