Here at ClickSend Towers, we love seeing direct mail marketing done well. It’s refreshing to find something bright in your letterbox (instead of bills).

And in case you missed it; direct mail marketing is a great way for businesses to drive sales, especially when used as part of an integrated campaign. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen your brand and creatively enter the homes of your target audience.

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So what exactly do we mean by ‘direct mail’?

Snail mail, physical mail, post – you find it in your letterbox and it’s usually made of paper or card. It could be letters, documents, postcards, pamphlets, flyers, catalogues and more.

Using direct mail to get your marketing message to your customers is a very effective way to be heard. Here are some reasons why advertisers like it:

  • You can target specific locations and regions, tailoring content to resonate with the locals
  • Reach and engage with audiences who are not online
  • Bypass digital inbox fatigue
  • Stand out from digital marketing content; no fight for visibility in an email inbox, social media feed or search rankings.
  • Deliver marketing material that is more likely to be kept for future reference.

But like with any marketing, some brands do it well. Others… not so well. Let’s dive into some of the best direct mail campaigns by brands.

10 Examples of Perfectly Executed Direct Mail Campaigns

Mercedes Benz: Coupé or Cabriolet?

The most effective campaigns are often the simplest. Mercedes Benz used the physical mail envelope flap to demonstrate their convertible Coupe, and capture the attention of the recipient.

It’s simple but surprising.

Example of Mercedes Benz physical mail campaign

You wish you thought of it first.

Amazon Rewards

As an online powerhouse, direct mail from Amazon is unexpected. Which is why it was so effective.

One campaign promoted the Amazon Rewards Visa card – and rather than solicitation, its purpose was to showcase expanded benefits for subscribed members. This offered value to existing customers, while the enclosed materials cleverly included brochures for added benefits and the Amazon Rewards Program.

Image of Amazon branded brown envelope with mail inside

WWF Philippines: Stickies, Candlebox

WWF’s Earth Hour aims to encourage big businesses to switch off their office lights. In 2009, WWF in the Philippines created this creative mail campaign. CEOs and business leaders were sent yellow candles in black boxes. Thanks to some clever cutouts, the box resembled a large building with lights on in all windows. When the candle was taken out of the box, it resembled a building with the lights off.

WWF Earth Hour candle images of the outer box, inner candle and laser cut detail of the box creating the illusion of a lit/unlit building

This campaign increased corporate support by 260% and placed WWF Philippines as the top participant for Earth Hour that year.

Land Rover Balloons

The Liverpool, UK-based Land Rover dealership invited customers to the opening of their new showroom by sending boxed helium balloons to 100 customers. The balloon strings had attached tags with event invites – personalising the material and standing out.

Land Rover box with red helium balloon emerging

World Water Day, Belgium

In Belgium, World Water Day used an innovative direct mail campaign to encourage people to pay attention to the value of water. They sent out a large postcard where the message was revealed only when the card was held underwater. It was extremely engaging and prompted online conversation and raised awareness.

Image of World Water Day mailer under a running tap revealing a message

World Vision: Hands for Hope

“Every 14 seconds a child is orphaned by HIV and AIDs. You can help.”

Bright orange envelopes, two orange bracelets and some truly chilling statistics, World Vision knows how to be seen and be remembered.

World Vision direct mail example

Donors are reminded of their donation whenever they see their bracelet – long after the campaign brochures are thrown out.

The Economist: Brainy Balloons

The Economist is a British weekly newspaper focused on politics, current affairs, international business, culture and technology. In a creative direct mail campaign, they sent red balloons with an image of the human brain printed on one side. “The Economist” printed on the other.

Image of two uninflated red balloons – one showing a diagram of a human brain printed on the front and the other with the Economist logo printed on the back

As the balloon is inflated, the brain grows – a clever metaphor for what will happen when you subscribe to their paper.

Hello Fresh Mailer Campaign

Simple but elegant; this recent campaign by meal kit provider Hello Fresh vibrantly showcased the benefits of their offering with no hard-sell or wordy copy. Including a customer solution in the headline, with 3 easily skimmable benefits, makes it easy for recipients to read. Even if they hadn’t intended to.

Hello Fresh mailer example

Estée Lauder Free Gift Postcards

This mailer from the Macy’s Estée Lauder concession is eye-catching; nothing quite like the word “Free” to grab attention.

What was a simple postcard becomes a powerful marketing tool with eye catching design and a “spend money to save money” call to action.

Estee Lauder Free Gift direct mail example

Restaurants: Mix&Match Burger Grand Opening

We’re getting hungry just looking at it.

It’s hard to go wrong with using prominent pictures of food to drive more guests to your restaurant. Many people check their mail box as they return home from work; and often this is when people are thinking about what to eat for dinner. Yep, prime opportunity for restaurants and cafes.

Mix and Match Burger direct mail example

Local restaurants and cafes just can’t lose by simply sending their menu (even better if it’s colourful and glossy) with a first-time discount coupon or code. Or, got an event coming up? Use postcards to announce it to your local customers.

Feeling excited for your first direct mail campaign?

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