How do I craft a strong SMS Campaign?

From a business perspective, the use of SMS as a marketing tool offers a simple, cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers in a short time frame. The advantage of SMS is that it is immediate. Most people have their phones with them all the time now and they generally read text messages within a few minutes of them arriving, but effort can still be wasted if your SMS campaign is not strong. If your SMS campaign is not done well, creating it will simply waste your time and potentially alienate your target audience – get creative and be strong! Here’s a few simple tips that will help your SMS campaign to be strong and give you that ROI you’re looking for in your marketing efforts.

Name your campaign

By naming your campaign, you unify your customer base and cement your presence in their minds. When you name your campaign, you foster a group or team mentality amongst your subscribers and make them feel that they are part of something bigger – and that something is special. Simply naming your campaign with your business name and “VIPs”, “Insiders”, “Team” or some other positive unifying term will encourage your subscribers to not only remain as such, but to also participate in your campaign and look forward to its next instalment.

Offer something unique

Appointment Remindersmissed appointments are a huge liability for any business. Appointment reminders are crucial for preventing no-shows and confirming appointments quickly and easily.

Encourage Subscribers to Share your Campaign

It is through consumer sharing that you generate more leads. You need to ask your subscribers to share your offers with strong and appealing calls to action. A call to action tells your audience in no uncertain terms exactly what you want them to do. Invite your subscribers to share a promotion or run a promotion for “Friends and Family”.


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