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How to use Chat GPT to power up your customer communications

Everybody wants to power up their business and serve their customers better. And many businesses are looking for the newest AI language tools to make it happen.

Take Chat GPT for example; 13 million people a day visited ChatGPT as of January 2023. And many of these visitors are using new technology to solve humanity’s biggest problems.

Ted and his llama

The poem needs a lot of work, however their llama limerick is your golden opportunity.

While they’re busy pursuing prose, you can work out how to use Chat GPT to power up your business communications — including SMS. This blog is your guide to getting started.

We’ll explain:

  • What Chat GPT can’t do
  • How to use Chat GPT to write your texts & templates
  • Use Chat GPT to support your customer team
  • Our human team vs Chat GPT
  • To Chat GPT, or not to Chat GPT

Understand what Chat GPT can’t do

By now, you should know that Chat GPT responds to prompts by generating a human-like text response or answer. If you don’t know anything about Chat GPT — please, get out from under that rock (it’s not safe under there).

Before you dive head first into using machine learning AI, like Chat GPT for — well, everything — it’s good to understand the limitations of the tool:

1. You need to master the tone. Chat GPT hasn’t quite mastered the nuances of tone of voice. Ask it to write a friendly blog, you’ll see what we mean. You’ll need to change the language so it’s appropriate, professional, and aligns with the company’s brand voice.

2. Chat GPT uses information from before 2021, not beyond. While its knowledge cut-off is set for 2021, OpenAI is working to expand the model’s knowledge and capabilities. Watch this space.

3. Check it twice. You should never, ever rely on the information supplied by Chat GPT as a single source of truth. Always check the facts supplied, remember it’s just giving you answers based on the knowledge it was trained on.

4. Biases happen. As with any machine learning model, Chat GPT is only as unbiased as the data it has been trained on. If the training data contains biases, Chat GPT may also generate biased or unethical responses.

New machine learning models similar to Chat GPT are in the works. Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s chatbot interface for Bing, have already been announced. These two models may offer improved accuracy and efficiency — we’ll have to wait and see.

*Note, this article was written in February 2023. Technology moves fast — limitations may be capabilities at the time of reading.

Start here: create messages and templates super fast

You know that quote: “I wanted to write you a short letter but I didn’t have time”. It’s still relevant (thanks Mark Twain).

Making your text message communications clear, actionable, personalised and under 160 characters is no easy feat. And you need to include an opt out — most of the time.

Hello Chat GPT, my new friend.

Getting this tool to simply write your messages is one of the easiest ways to save time. You can ask it to write multiple versions of each text so you can test which options bring more conversions.

Banana example

You can also use Chat GPT to help you build a cache of templates for common text messages. Pre-written templates help you quickly generate relevant, personalised responses without having to start from scratch each time.

Plus, this exercise will help you get comfortable with machine learning platforms. Once you’ve got a handle on Chat GPT, you can experiment with it for other uses, like customer service.

Want templates ASAP? We have plenty of templates on our blog.

Make Chat GPT the support for your support team

Even though 60% of consumers would rather text a business back regarding support issues.

Handling customer enquiries, complaints and resolving issues isn’t easy. Customers can be brutal, and service teams work hard to keep them happy.

Your support team can use Chat GPT to get a bit of support of their own. Customer service teams can quickly generate professional SMS responses to customer inquiries, complaints, and other issues.

For example, Chat GPT can help to generate ideas for resolving customer complaints. Or, you might use it to brainstorm answers to common customer questions and save these as text message templates. Along with responding to complaints, drafting customer letters and creating notices.

AI support can help customer service representatives to spend more time focusing on the strategy side of customer service, rather than being bogged down by repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Read: How to add SMS capability to your live web chat, easily.

Some developers are even using Chat GPT to create chatbots that can assist with customer service. These chatbots can handle simple customer inquiries and escalate more complex issues to human customer service representatives as needed.

While Chat GPT and other machine learning models can help support teams, human customer service is still hugely valuable for customers. If you’ve ever been shuttled from an hour of hold music to hang up by an automated phone system — you know what we mean.

Our human team vs Chat GPT

We might be biased, but we think our 24/7 real human customer service team is pretty wonderful.

They’re online whenever you need them. There is always someone to help. Plus, they understand the need for data privacy and security. They have deep knowledge of ClickSend and can solve complex problems with care.

And, they ask for clarifications and context — something that Chat GPT can’t do very well.

Just for fun, we tested Chat GPT against the power of our human support team. We’re pretty sure we know who is going to come out on top.

Our (amazing) team, below.

ClickSend customer support example


Chat GPT.

Chat example

To Chat GPT, or not to Chat GPT — our hot take

Chat GPT is no match for our customer support team but we do love all things automation and AI at ClickSend. Especially when automation is easy via no-code tools. It’s a big part of the reason we have so many integrations (900 and counting).

When software or technology, like ClickSend or Chat GPT, can do the heavy-lifting of business SMS. It makes teams better, ideas brighter and leaves people free to solve the bigger problems and steer the ship. We’re excited to see what’s next.

Discover how you can use SMS to reach your audience. Contact our support team.

We promise that a real human will get back to you ASAP.

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