An actionable step-by-step guide on how to use SMS to increase custom and revenue for hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants.

At ClickSend we like to do things differently but most importantly doing things that we believe will benefit our customers, present, or future. We’ve had enough of ‘playbooks’, enough of wishy-washy, boring eGuides. We want to help businesses take action, actions that benefit them and their customers. Hence we’re launching a series of ‘Actionbooks’ eGuides that are hugely informative, benefit-focused, very visual, and full of immediately actionable content.

For our first Actionbook we’re focusing on the hospitality industry. An industry that has suffered more than most during this mad thing we call the year 2020 – and we love our pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants (and pubs) here at ClickSend Towers.

Inside this Hospitality focused Actionbook you’ll find:

  • How hospitality is using SMS
  • What makes a good SMS marketing message
  • 22 Templates for hotels, bars, and restaurants
  • A step-by-step guide on getting an SMS campaign created
  • 30 pages of actionable content
  • Less play, more action!

Directly download the free Actionbook HERE.

Get ahead of the competition, add SMS to your marketing or communications mix, and watch patronage and loyalty soar. Drive bookings and walk-ins with tailored offers and well-timed promotions, reduce no-shows with booking confirmations and automated reminders.

It takes next to no time to get an SMS campaign created and sent. It’s instant, affordable, and personal.

This Actionbook will not only show you why SMS should be part of your marketing and communications strategy but will walk you through step-by-step on getting a campaign live.

Read about how hospitality is using SMS and the difference between a transactional style text message and a marketing one.

Understand the best practices that make a good, effective SMS marketing message.

View over 22 SMS templates covering the customer lifecycle that you can use for inspiration or cut-n-paste into your campaigns.

The guide even touches on topics like How to Grow Your Contact List with some great examples. To SMS Integrations and how you can integrate SMS into your CRM/booking software either directly or via products like Zapier using Cloudbeds as an example.

To find out more, and directly download The Ultimate Guide to SMS for Hospitality click HERE.