Do you need to send secure letters, with confidence that it will be tamper-proof and delivered intact?

Email has now become the preferred mail service for many consumers. And while the events of this year have forced many companies to change the way they do business, there are still occasions when email just does not quite cut it.

The traditional letter postal service is still very popular for many people all around the world. Last year, the United Postal Service delivered almost 150 billion items of mail, to around 160 million delivery points. Paper postal mail passes through many hands between the sender and the recipient, so the security of the contents during its journey is of utmost importance.

Automated Letters Solution

Did you know that you can send secure letters in the post, without having to physically print them? At the click of a button (or trigger of a post API), you can send your important documents to a cloud printer. The cloud printer then prints, folds and envelopes letters automatically – often for less than the cost of a postage stamp!

Automated letter sending

Not only can you automate your regular letters with ClickSend, one of the bulk mail services we offer here at ClickSend is that of letter security.

The Importance of Secure Letter Services

Many people still prefer to receive certain documents via traditional post. Some mail must also be sent via postal mail for security reasons. This includes:

  • Bills and invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Passwords
  • PIN or PUK codes
  • Financial documents
  • Medical records
  • Contracts
  • Legal forms and documents

You must send sensitive information securely via post, in a visually-impermeable envelope.

ClickSend is proud to provide a superior secure letter service for our clients. This enables you to securely send confidential information via traditional postal mail. If the recipient’s letter security has been breached, they will know from the outset.

The benefits of using our secure letter services include:

  • Send mail to a wide variety of recipients via traditional post
  • Deliver concealed PIN codes in the most secure way possible
  • Low-cost bulk mail marketing
  • Maximise security for your customers to build trust

3 Ways to Secure Your Bulk Letters with ClickSend

1. Letters in Security Envelopes

Our security envelopes provide a simple way to protect sensitive information in the mail. These envelopes are tinted which prevents people being able to see through the paper, even when it’s held up to the light. This is a popular option for sending medical records, cheques, government correspondence, financial records, and anything else containing confidential or classified information. Our envelopes also include a tamper-evident security seal.

2. Concealed Security Square

A low-cost alternative, this is an envelope that conceals an area of your mail containing a password or PIN. We print the paper of the envelope with a blacked-out area which covers the sensitive information on both sides. This renders it impermeable – you can’t see through the envelope, even if it is held up to the light. This is a more economical alternative to secure PIN code tabs.

3. Secure PIN Code Tab

A concealed PIN is critical and the superior option for concealing a PIN or password is via a secure PIN code tab.

Letters with Concealed PIN

At ClickSend, we use patented security technology to include panels to obscure PIN codes in letters.

These panels are tamper-evident; the data is printed onto the top layer of the tab. To visually access the PIN, the tab must be removed. The patterned black background ensures that if access to the PIN is attempted, the document will be visibly defaced and the customer will know straight away that this has happened. Discover more about our Concealed PIN service here.

Automate Sending Secure Letters with ClickSend

Tampering with mail is an illegal offence. This includes opening another person’s mail, withholding it, or discarding mail that has been delivered inappropriately or by mistake. Even so, secure your letters for additional peace of mind – knowing that your letters are reaching the intended recipient without falling prey to prying eyes.

Maintain letter security for all of your correspondence when you choose ClickSend’s letter security and concealed PIN services. Contact us today to explore your options and find the right solution for you.