What is SMS Blast?

One of the many services we offer here at ClickSend is SMS Blast. What does this mean?

SMS Blast is a bulk SMS text message that is sent to a large number of mobile phone numbers simultaneously via an automated text messaging system. Using SMS blast is a simple and cost-effective way to communicate in real time with a large number of mobile phone users. Your brand, business, or other organisation can send text messages to hundreds or even thousands of your SMS subscribers at the same time. It is a fantastic and affordable broadcasting tool that achieves tangible results.

Why invest in SMS Blast?

  • Open rates for SMS are incredibly high, with 98% of messages opened and 90% read within three minutes of delivery (as opposed to open rates of just 20%-30% for email).
  • There is no better or more cost-effective way to communicate to build your business and enhance engagement.
  • SMS blast is a form of marketing which is 100% opt-in on the part of the subscriber – every message you send has been consented to by people who wish to hear from you.
  • Consumers pay attention to text messages, delivered directly to their phone – which is at most times within arm’s reach.
  • 75% of consumers prefer to receive offers from businesses via SMS.
  • Response rates for SMS average 45%.

Bulk SMS is easy: simply sign up for ClickSend’s bulk SMS messaging service, and then import or build your opt-in subscriber list. Hereafter, all you need to do is compose your message and send it out to your subscribers en masse. We do the rest to make sure your message is delivered.

How can SMS Blast and Bulk SMS help your business?

  • Reach more consumers than any other communications channel
  • Guarantee mass delivery
  • Offer discount pricing
  • Send event alerts
  • Offer time-sensitive deals
  • Send concise product or service tips and information
  • Personalise messages for better customer engagement
  • Elicit replies and track responses

Contact us today to discover for yourself how you can partner with ClickSend to boost your business via consumer communications with bulk SMS and SMS Blast. It’s suitable for everyone from medical centres to accountants, e-commerce companies to non-profits, educational facilities to religious organisations, as well as real estate agents, restaurants, salons, retail businesses and political campaigns. It’s ideal for everyone! We look forward to hearing from you.

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