We love the no-code community here at ClickSend Towers and that community wouldn’t be much without no-code development platforms (so we seriously love them). We appreciate and understand how important and big no-code development is and it’s only getting bigger and bigger.

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What is no-code development?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, no-code development is a type of web development that allows non-programmers and even programmers to create software using a graphical user interface (GUI), a visual drag-and-drop interface, instead of writing code. The no-code movement rests upon the fundamental belief that technology should enable and facilitate creation, not be a barrier to entry.

We recently had two amazing no-code development software platforms integrate us into their platforms and we didn’t have to lift a finger. We call this an inbound integration and as you’d appreciate we seriously value them. So, before we go any further, we’d like to thank Appypie and AppMaster for making us part of their worlds and part of their customer’s lives. Without further ado, and in alphabetical order, let us introduce you to them.


What is AppMaster?

From their own website: AppMaster is a new generation no-code platform for automating business processes and building native apps for web & mobile with code generation.

AppMaster lets you build full-featured software with backend, frontend, and advanced native mobile applications. It creates your application’s source code, compiles, and deploys it to any cloud provider or private server

They’re quite a fresh, new face on the block and were recently #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Key Features

  • Native Mobile Applications Builder: You just drag and drop elements, edit and you will have a mobile application in minutes.
  • Web App Builder: Create a web application for admin or control your mobile apps with Drag & Drop visual builder.
  • Data Models Designer: Create your data models with fields, everything else will be built in seconds by platform AI.
  • Business Process Editor: Visually create business processes of any complexity and without hassle.

Where does ClickSend fit in?

We are now a featured ‘module’ within their marketplace. So if you’re building something amazing and want it to have SMS functionality….let me rephrase that, the best SMS functionality on the planet, you can add it with just one click of the Install button. Too easy, but that’s what no-code is all about.

Visit their Integrations page for more info.

Appy Pie

What is Appy Pie?

From their own website: No code solutions for every business need. Appy Pie has one clear vision – democratizing technology and making it possible for every business owner of all size and scale to embrace and integrate cutting edge technology to grow their business.

Appy Pie’s no code platform democratises mobile and web app development, making app building more accessible. With no technical skills, coding knowledge and a limited budget you can build and launch apps with ease using their highly intuitive drag and drop design tool. From mobile application development to chatbots, from graphic design to automation – Appy Pie has business solutions for all scales and budgets.

Appy Pie have been around since 2015 so a wise old owl in no-code software development platforms. They started with app development but now offer website, task automation, chatbot, graphics and live chat development. They have over 8 million customers and have won a ton of awards.

Key Features

  • App Builder: Make your own app the no code way, with advanced features and go mobile with your business.
  • Website Builder: Build your online presence using our website maker and reach out to more customers worldwide.
  • Design: Design creative artworks and banners, create logos, edit your photos and so much more online.
  • Chatbot Builder: Create your own chatbot and lighten the burden of your sales team by letting the chatbot answer common queries.
  • Live Chat: Connect with your customers in the real-time and grow your business like never before with live chat software.

Where does ClickSend fit in?

Appy Pie have a dedicated business unit specialising in connecting apps and automating workflows, it’s called Appy Pie Connect. It’s all about integrating your apps and services with unique triggers and actions and obviously all without writing a single line of code.

Appy Pie Connect is one of the best automation tools that helps you easily connect your favorite apps. It can speed up common business tasks by automating repetitive tasks that take a lot of time and effort.

Appy Pie Connect has a very healthy app directory and ClickSend is now featured within the Communications category under Phone/SMS.

There are a heap of integrations and actions you can do with ClickSend SMS and all the other apps within Appy Pie Connect.

So get connecting at www.appypie.com/connect/apps/clicksend-sms/integrations

If you’re looking for no-code development platforms then we reckon you should give either of these two a go (of course we’d say that). One is a shiny new entrant the other an old stager. They both have freemium offers so why not give them both a crack and see what one you like the most.

Now go out and create something magical without code be it an app, be it a workflow automation – just make sure it requires SMS functionality! 😉