Harness the Power of Post-Purchase SMS

Harness the Power of Post-Purchase SMS

Post purchase SMS: did you know that SMS marketing is more than just ad hoc SMS blasts? Use SMS marketing to communicate with your customers and nurture your relationship with them throughout their customer lifecycle.

SMS Marketing for Customer Retention

Attracting new customers can be difficult and expensive. The last thing you want is for those consumers you successfully engage and who convert to fail to return and further patronise your business. This is why a personalised, outstanding customer experience is the key to beating your competitors.

Almost 90% of companies identify customer experience as a key driver of loyalty and retention. By increasing your customer retention rate by just 5%, your business could see an increase in profit of between 25 and 95%. This is because an existing customer is 60-70% likely to repurchase while a new prospect is statistically only 5-20% likely to convert.

Clever use of SMS marketing can enhance your customer’s experience.

Post purchase customer experience

Customer Retention and your ROI

According to Detroit small business consulting firm Invesp, it costs five-fold more to attract a new client than to keep an existing one. Repeat customers are the bread and butter for many businesses, and customer retention must be as much a part of your marketing strategy as generating new leads. Word-of-mouth is also incredibly powerful – and happy, engaged existing clients may be worth far more to your business than you could predict.

Furthermore, by focusing strongly on customer retention, you can overtake your competitors on return on investment. This is because fewer than 20% of companies focus on customer retention, compared with the almost 50% that focus more on customer acquisition.

Existing, loyal customers also spend more and purchase more often.

Post-Purchase SMS Marketing – What is It?

Post-purchase marketing refers to the messages you send to clients and customers after they have completed a purchase, booking, or other activity with your business. It involves customer service as well as cutting through the “noise” from all of the other brands and businesses out there vying for their attention.

Post-purchase marketing includes:

  • Order confirmations
  • Payment confirmations
  • Shipping and delivery alerts and notifications
  • Thank-you messages
  • Review invitations
  • Loyalty incentives
  • Periodic relevant promotional and editorial content based on past purchases/actions
  • High-value ongoing content

The success of your marketing post-purchase relies solely on the customer experience.

Post-Purchase Marketing with SMS Automation

Marketers use various digital tools for customer acquisition and retention. Advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and user-generated word of mouth are all valuable marketing tools – but post-purchase SMS marketing for customer retention is the icing on the cake that makes all the difference to your business success.

SMS marketing is by far the most favoured channel for customer retention, with almost 60% of marketers actively using it for this purpose.

Sending post-purchase SMS marketing messages:

  • Is highly deliverable and elicits near-perfect open rates (98% versus ~20% for email)
  • Is unintrusive and preferred by consumers
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Enhances customer recall of your brand
  • Reduces the volume of customer complaints
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Boosts customer retention rates

SMS automation simplifies the process for you and improves the customer’s experience. It enables you to send personalised bulk SMS promptly and tailored to your recipients’ needs.

Build Customer Loyalty with Post-Purchase Text Messaging

Just a few ways to build customer loyalty and satisfaction through your post-purchase SMS marketing strategy include:

Purchase Confirmations

The importance of a simple “thank you” for making a purchase can’t be understated. It demonstrates that you see your customer, you appreciate their patronage, and care about their experience with you. It also reassures them of your authenticity as a business. Included in a purchase confirmation, this messaging proves their transaction for their peace of mind, reassures them that the process of getting their purchase to them is in motion, and indicates the next steps or timeline for delivery.

Shipping/Delivery Alerts

You know that when you buy something, you want it NOW. This is the case for all consumers! Send automated SMS notifications and updates when the item is packed, shipped, and delivery is expected.

Product Review & Feedback Requests

Requesting customer feedback shows you care about your customer and their thoughts/opinions, and that you wish to improve your products and service however you can on an ongoing basis. When you demonstrably care about your brand and business, so will your customers.


Similar to upselling, cross-selling means taking advantage of what you know about your customer to then entice them to purchase other things you offer which are relevant to them. You can automate this by grouping your customers based on shared traits/purchases and sending campaigns to drive similar purchases.

For example, if someone buys a mobile phone, you could send marketing material specific to that model for items like car chargers, phone cases, SD cards, and other accessories. Or if a person bought a camp stove, you could send promotional material to compel purchases of other camping equipment like sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, cookware, hiking gear, etc.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

Give your most valuable customers and clients the inside track with invite-only events, exclusive offers, limited edition product ranges, and time-sensitive rewards. Set criteria and incentivise ongoing purchases and engagement with your business and send content as part of your SMS marketing strategy.

Nurture Programs

This includes product tips, instructions, etc. Provide links to your website, blog, YouTube channel, or social pages. It also encompasses replenishment reminders, rebooking reminders, renewal reminders, etc.

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